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Worried about job / looking for advice

Hey everyone, I'm currently unemployed. I recently applied for a paid internship in child protection (which I'm really excited for) and if i get in, that would start in June (so next month). Today, I just went for a job interview in retail.


I'm currently in a dilemma - I'm not sure if I should tell the retail manager (if she contacted me for another round of interviews) that I've applied for another job and thus, would leave the retail job to start the child protection job. Or should I not tell her?


I feel like morally I wouldn't want the retail manager to potentially hire me and then I quit after 2 weeks. But if I tell her I've applied somewhere else (and would potentially immediately quit this new job), that may destroy my chances of getting the retail job which is really just a backup option. So I'm just stuck on what to do??


I don't wanna be stuck without a job again. But I really want the child protection job 😕

Who rated this post