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Hey @Jardin

Moving out is a huge change in anyones life and it is totally normal to be feeling a bit homesick, go you for taking the leap! @A_Friend 's idea of exploring the place you've moved to is a cool one I reckon, is there anything about the place you have moved to that you're enjoying? Maybe going for walks in your new area could be cool 😀

I find as well that when there is a big change in my life I am comforted by things I know and love, like watching my favourite old tv shows and rereading my favourite books. I find that helps with keeping a bit of consistency in the chaos, is there anything like that you could try?

It could also be fun to check out any local services to see if they have things on, youth centres and libraries often have lots of awesome events happening which are a cool way to get to know the area and meet some new people 🥰

Hope this is helpful! And once again GO YOU!!!

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Who rated this post