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@Rattata wrote:

...everyone thinks it sounds like I'm from an older generation that's trying to 'get down with the kids.'

Damn I feel this @Rattata I'll never 'get down with the kids' 😛 Ughh... This reminds me of being in school and feeling like I didn't fit in with anyone cause I didn't like the things other people liked and didn't get the jokes, etc. It sounds like you haven't found your 'crowd' yet maybe? Whatever that is 😅 But like it's okay not to understand certain jokes or not get certain references, people don't all have to like the same stuff. It makes sense to want to fit in but if it's getting to the point where you're not being true to yourself and feeling so uncomfortable around certain people, it might be that your emotions are trying to tell you something? Everyone is unique, sometimes our 'crowd' isn't like people who have the same interests as us but the same values? And people will connect with each other in different ways and have different relationships depending on how they connect? Like I know we've all heard that rant before 😅 Sorry if it wasn't helpful 😞


Sometimes I reckon 'being mature' or 'acting properly' is not as important as honouring who we are and setting boundaries. That being said, it was good you tried to find some joy and were open to hanging out with these new people. That sounds like such an anxiety provoking situation, I would have freaked out 🤣 I guess it could be a bit of a learning opportunity like- okay I don't like hanging around people who talk like that or about those things and that's okay?


I'm sorry your friends didn't show up for the game night that really really sucks 😞 Was it cause of covid do you reckon or just they're a bit flakey? 😞


Aww I'm sorry your gf doesn't show you that side of her to you anymore 😞 It's weird how our relationships change over time 😞 It's almost like a loss how you described that 💔 😞 This kind of reminded me about how I worry about not appreciating the time I have now with my family because what if something changes and we can't communicate like we used to. Like I guess all we can do is cherish the now because getting caught up in the past or the future can be kinda painful 😞 ?


Sorry I replied in a really weird order, the new update has me confused about the order of things lol, and sorry for ranting a lot 😅 I need to keep my replies to people shorter

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