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Mental Health Month 2021

Hello all!

I haven't seen a post about Mental Health month on the forum just yet and I thought that I would take the initiative to jump in and provide some resources for the month. I know a lot of us feel alienated by days and initiatives like 'R U OK?' day because it seems like a superficial attempt at tackle big and real problems facing young people and our mental health.


What's different about Mental Health month is that it is centred around YOU, the individual and helping you take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Rather than just a single day, this month is focused on helping people of all ages learn about new skills, ideas, resources and communities which might help better their long term mental health. 




Mental Health Month 2021 Calendar:

Mental Health Australia has released this awesome calendar challenge for young people, which I will be attempting to follow throughout the month:

young adult mental health cal.PNG


Important to note, don't worry too much if a couple of the days on the calendar don't suit your needs or mental health challenges, you're more than welcome just to use the above calendar as a guide to helping you care for and remain mindful of your mental wellbeing each day. Also don't worry too much if you 'miss a day', your journey is yours for a reason, some days it might feel too much to tackle or too daunting to approach and that's okay. This month and this thread are focused on helping you in achieving the specific goals related to your mental health and journey.


Other Amazing Resources:

Besides the Mental Health Month Calander by Mental Health Australia, other organisations and campaigns have also launched some amazing resources surrounding mental health. When you get a space chance to, I encourage you to have a look through the list below and see if anything stands out to you or seems like it might be helpful in bettering your mental health:


What You Can Do TODAY to Start Caring for Your Mental Health this Month: 

Today, I will be focusing on thinking about and setting my 'Mental Health Goals' for the month, as well as spend some time away from screens and reading instead. To do this, I will be making my mental health promise on the Mental Health Australia website


In thinking about your mental health and wellbeing today, reply with your answers to the following questions:

  • What is one mental health 'goal' or promise that you'll be setting this month?
  • How will you work towards this goal? (what activities, strategies, resources will you be using?)
  • What's one thing you've been enjoying lately? (books, video games, music, art, food) 


My responses:

  • One of my goals is to continue using some of the skills I have been working on in therapy this month.
  • I find using these skills to be really confronting and challenging as they force me to sit with my difficult emotions and experiences, but I am committing myself to revise/review one and putting it into practice in my daily life each week.
  • I have really been enjoying candles lately, my favourite scents are cherry blossom and vanilla. Candles always make me feel warm and cozy. 




The Future of This Thread!

Throughout the month, I will be updating this thread with questions and new resources to perhaps help some of you in taking the steps towards tackling some of your mental health challenges, anxieties or struggles. So keep an eye out for future updates, and don't hesitate to contribute any resources, ideas or experiences by dropping a reply below!



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