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Just had to jump in @KaiRoe  and @Bre-RO and say how much I loved reading through this chat- I think I reacted to pretty much every post haha


There's some absolute gold in here, and this is such a great read for anyone- but especially anyone  who's currently in the trenches job hunting, getting ready to graduate, or working in a job that they're not loving... I love all of the practical advice in here too about other places you can go to find out about your rights at work/ awards/ tax- navigating the workplace can be so hard when you're starting out, and don't have anywhere to ask those questions


Working Homer Simpson GIF



@KaiRoe I especially love your advice about how to know when it may be time to move on from a job you're miserable in- I also worked night shifts while I was at uni, and at one point I was going to sleep at 3am then trying to get through classes the next day- it was brutal, and I'm so glad I don't have to do that any more! 


I also really liked what you wrote about working in the disability sector and helping clients to achieve the goals that are important for them- I also worked in the disablity sector for many years, and found it such person centred and rewarding work - it sounds like people you work with, and the disablity sector in general,  is really lucky to have you! 😀


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Who rated this post