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Hey @gladydaddy ! I'm glad that you felt comfortable enough to open up about this whole event! From your post I can tell that you have been through a lot and I can definitely relate with the struggling to make friends ( I too moved here from overseas). I'm really happy to hear that you were able to reconciliate with your best friend and that she was also able to provide you with support when you needed it (she sounds like a really nice person to be friends with 😊). Often people like your best friend are very hard to come by.


I'm really sorry to hear that you had a messy falling out with people from your group of friends though. It must have been really tough to have faced such an angry confrontation with rumours about yourself and I just wanted to say that you were really mature in seeking closure. Personally, I've also had a very similar experience so I understand how upset you must be. I really hope you're giving yourself time to process your emotions and thoughts! It's very natural that you feel this way. 


Please only answer when you feel comfortable, but how are you feeling?

Who rated this post