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Hey @BerdNurd woah thanks for making this post and for sharing all these resources! So awesome! I only just saw that it was eaten by the spam bot- sorry about that!


I will check out those links but for now will answer your questions! 🙂


What is one mental health 'goal' or promise that you'll be setting this month?

I'm participating in a fundraising thing by RO so I'm trying to stay active every day and it's actually kind of helping me feel a bit better strangely??


How will you work towards this goal? (what activities, strategies, resources will you be using?)

Having to track my progress is keeping me accountable! I don't want to let everyone down


What's one thing you've been enjoying lately? (books, video games, music, art, food) 

Hmm I've been watching some TV lately. I watched Atypical which was good. Also I've enjoyed hanging out with my cats 🙂


Again I'm really sorry you've been having problems with the spam bot! I only came across this cause I finally caught up on your inpatient 'journal entries' and was checking if you had made any new posts to update us with! And you had but they were eaten by the spam bot! I'm gonna let the staff know okay! 🙂

Who rated this post