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Introducing PeerChat!



ReachOut is doing something different! 


We're very excited to announce a new service that will connect you with a peer worker for a one-on-one online chat. 


Peer workers are people who have lived experiences of mental health challenges as young people. They've been on their own journey to recovery and use their experience to help others. 


👉🏽 If you're interested, you can book a free appointment here. 


What do peer workers do? 


Peer workers are here to listen and to empower you.

🔍  Help you explore a situation and come up with different solutions

💡 Understand your experience and where you’re coming from

👥 Support you to effectively manage challenges


How does it work? 


📱 Free text-based chat with a peer worker

🗣 Chat in private about anything; nothing’s too big or small

🤝 For anyone in Australia aged 18-25


Some issues you might want to chat about 


👩‍👩‍👧‍👦  Family, friends and other relationships 

📓 Work, school, uni or TAFE 

😫 Stress, anxiety and other concerns about your wellbeing

😓 Alcohol, drug or substance use

🤚🏽 Gender, sexuality and cultural identity 


If you're feeling unsafe or find yourself in a crisis, there are similar chat services that you can access too! 


Lifeline offers text & online chat

Suicide Call Back Service offers online and video chat. 

Kids Helpline offers webchat counselling


Who rated this post