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Hi @Sky_Bison 

If I could put in my thoughts. Do you think that odd feeling is the realisation that you’ll be transitioning from a school environment which is routine to a whole new environment as an adult? I know when I left school I had to figure out what my next steps were and I hate change so I enrolled into TAFE to keep a routine but also because I wanted to get into uni. That hollow, guilty feeling is some thing I’m very familiar with and it’s a horrid feeling isn’t it? Could the procrastination be a form of escapism for you? So you don’t have to deal worth what’s in front of you? I know you guys feel incredibly down about yourself but from what I’m reading I’m seeing the picture of a person who is simple trying their best and that’s all anyone can ever do. I find it incredible despite these feelings  no you’re making a conscious effort to keep interacting with people even if you’re mind is telling you to isolate. Remember, where talk exists, so does hope. Now breaking that cycle of procrastination is a toughie, I wish there was a pill you could take to make it stop. If you’re struggling to get work done their are different models of studies like the Pomodoro technique


I think the most important part for this is rewarding yourself after you’ve completed your work or task and that falls to self-care. What are you doing right now to take care of yourself? It also sounds like you’re incredible empathetic which is why you’re more sensitive to others shifts in mood. You are many things: caring, perceptive, insightful. What you are NOT is insignificant. I’m so sorry you feel so lonely and anxious but that’s why platforms like RO are so important because you can get on any time and just share or vent the good and the bad. 
Poor sleep definitely affects mood. Do you think a visit to the GP might help to see what your options are? That paired with your iron deficiency (I’m part of the low iron gang too haha) it might be worth the trip to get some medical advice. Holistically, it might be all these physiological issues that is affecting your mood but please seek medical advice for that. The great this about the RO platform is you can come back every time you need. Day or night. We’ve got your back 💜

Who rated this post