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Hi @Sky_Bison thank you for sharing with us today.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling hollow and guilty. That's a really horrible way to feel. I can hear that there is a lot going on for you at the moment, from the stresses of year 12, thinking about your future and even managing all these new feelings. It's a lot to be dealing with right now. So I was just wondering if there is someone you might feel comfrtable talking to about everything that's going on? It could be the school counsellor or even just a trusted friend or family member. 

If you are interested at all, we have a number of articles on year 12 that may be worth a read, including how to manage school stress and even one on burnout

I can hear that you're carrying around a lot of heavy feelings, like guilt for example, which can wear you out. So I think it's important to focus on some of the positives here, like how much time and effort you have already put in this year. That is a lot to manage and so far you have suruvived it all! It's definitely important to take a moment to acknowledge just what we have achieved and how far we've come. Is there maybe something nice you could do for yourself to help you feel a bit better? We also have some great articles on Self-Care that might be able to give you some ideas on what you can do. Just remember that you're important too. 

We're all here for you 💜

Who rated this post