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I’ve never been religious but today I have found a philosophy that resonates with my mind and body like no other. A philosophy is a way of life which in many ways is similar to religion, it’s a choice one self must make on their own and what resonates with you.


Today has been the first day I’ve actually wanted to purchase a book to read. I find it very difficult to concentrate so reading books has not been much if an interest as there are so many ways to consume information. But the book I want to purchase is called “Meditations - Marcus Aurelius” about his time as a emperor of Rome during 161 - 180 AD. 

He practiced the methods behind stoicism and journaled how he implemented the philosophy throughout his life/ruling. I think it will be a very good eye opening read for myself as I relate and live by this philosophy to the tee without even knowing what it was. I’m not too knowledgeable about this time period which is another intriguing reason why.


One of the thoughts Ive had recently was our fate is already pre determined as all out comes and possibilities have already happened just on a different timeline to our own. The only one out come that happens from every decision we make has already been made by us in the future. But we still have a choice if we want to follow our fate. This exact same ideology was referred in stoicism as the stars hold our fate and everything that will happen has already happened.


Because of this you are able to see the bad and good times as just time. Time will continue to pass as the same as life will continue until the end. It’s indulging not to fear death, sickness, sadness as life will continue with time as nature continues to exist with so many uncontrollable forces. It has allowed me to build resilience and confidence through tough times. Most problems with time will solve themselves, once you realise this the “bad times” become learning experiences for you to be able to prepare for the next as we have no control over when these periods of time are but they’re inevitable. There is no good without bad so we must accept  to move forward and live a happy life.



Who rated this post