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Hey @Carrot_Manatee


I think Iona has pretty much summed it up. But I wanted to just hop on here and say I'm so sorry you're going through this, and I'm so proud of you for asking for help. It must be really difficult for you and I can see how hard you're trying to support your partner. It takes someone strong to do that! ❤️


I also want to remind you at this time that you are allowed to feel like it's difficult sometimes. You're allowed to feel exhausted and allowed to feel like sometimes, it's just too much and you can't do everything for someone else.


You have to preserve your own energy too, and still feel like you have healthy boundaries. You know how in planes when they do the safety instructions and they say to put your oxygen mask on before you help others? It sounds like such a simple concept, but something that can be so hard to follow when you're a very empathetic and caring person who wants to help others with all your strength and might. So I guess that whole spiel was just to say- take care of yourself too!


What are some things you like to do in your downtime? And do you think there is a way you could talk to your partner and write down some boundaries to keep you healthy and safe too? 


Hope you're ok today

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