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Hi @Blurryphaced 


I'm incredibly sorry that you are feeling so much stress right now. It's really good to have a routine and have structure to your day, and when this gets messed up, it's reasonable to experience stress and this can also sometimes feel very overwhelming.


You've mentioned having major panic at the shop, and anxiety as well. If you don't already have some coping strategies, here are some straight-forward tips that may be a useful starting point for you. If looking at the food you bought is stressing you out, you don't need to throw it out, you could look online and see if there is a local food bank in need of items 😊


I'm just wondering, is it an option to swap the oatmeal and the smoothie on the days that you have lab class? So oatmeal for breakfast, and then you can drink the smoothie during the 3pm lab class. Would you feel comfortable trying that a few times and see how it goes?


Who rated this post