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Thank you for bringing attention to this 💛 Whilst Father's Day is a great day for many, it's true that for some of us it is a difficult time of year!


I lost my father when I was little, and throughout primary school in particular I remember feeling very lost and isolated around father's day when all the other kids were writing cards for their dads or making gifts and I wasn't able to - and if anyone on this forum is experiencing these feelings/situations, I'm sorry. 


As I got older, something that I found helpful around Father's Day (in addition to the things that Iona mentioned), was to go to my father's resting place around this time of year (and several times throughout the year) to just sit and talk - I just talk about all the things that have happened since I last visited, all the things that I'm proud about, all the things that I'm worried about, and I've found that this makes me feel much more connected to him. I think this feeling of connection, especially after building it over time, helps me feel less sad/lonely especially around this time of year, and now when I visit I just feel safe and at peace - it's honestly one of the places where I feel most calm now. 


This may be a difficult thing to do if the pain is still fresh, so you need to be aware of your own feelings and limitations, but if anyone hasn't done this yet and is feeling up to it, I think it's a really nice experience to just go somewhere that you feel has a strong connection to your dad and to just sit and talk. 

Who rated this post