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Hi @Annzu, welcome to the ReachOut Forums! It’s really great to have you here 🙂 


Thank you for sharing a little bit about what’s going on for you at the moment, it’s not an easy thing to do. I can see how overwhelming things have been for you at your new job. I am really sorry to hear that you had an anxiety attack on shift, I can only imagine how scary that would have been. It’s nice to hear that through deep-breathing, you were able to push through it. Have you found anything else that helps to relieve those feelings when they come up? 


I am wondering if you have any support people in your life at the moment, such as family or a friend? You mentioned you’ve used Lifeline at times of anxiety and stress, which is really great to hear. Have you considered looking into an ongoing emotional support option, like speaking with a counsellor or psychologist? BeyondBlue might be a really great place to start, if this is something you’d be interested in. 


I thought it might also be worth mentioning that we have a 1 on 1 peer chat service available, where you can connect with someone who understands what you’re going through. 


I just wanted to point out that I can see such a level of courage in you that is truly admirable. Moving to another country and culture, getting yourself a job, and reaching out to helplines for support, are all huge steps for one to take. You should be incredibly proud of yourself! Is there something nice you can do for yourself today?

Who rated this post