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Hi Annzu!


Hope you are doing well and thanks for sharing with us your experience. Always feel free to just rant and get your emotions out in any way that you can to help you feel better. 


It takes a lot to be able to manage anxiety in the way that you have so far and you should be proud of yourself for being able to push through despite how overwhelmed you may have been feeling.


My first job was actually also working at the supermarket (woolies I think haha), and for the first few weeks, I similarly had feelings of stress and anxiousness for being slow and not being able to get things done correctly or fast enough, and there's nothing wrong with that. You are putting yourself out into a new field and doing your best to learn.


Something that did help me was talking to my manager (which I understand may also be daunting), and asking them for some clarification / tips / extra training. I found that for me, the reason why I felt the way that I did, was because I was very unsure of my own skill and I also doubted If I was doing things correctly. Getting that chat from my manager and asking for more training was also scary at first, but I was really happy I pushed myself to bring it up because It really helped me feel more confident in what I was doing, and over time I managed to get faster at it and felt less anxious showing up to work. I honestly wished that I asked sooner than later.


Hope that gives some insight and can provide some help!

Who rated this post