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Hi @idk_Sakamoto


Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you have an awful lot to deal with right now. School sounds really stressful and I can tell that you are really under the pump to get your work completed. When you're feeling stressed, you can be more likely to feel irritable or experience anger. It seems like you are already feeling quite frustrated or overwhelmed and then this situation with your brother and then your parents has really made things a lot worse. When you get really overwhelmed, it so reasonable to feel really upset or to cry.. so I don't blame you for doing that. Do you have anyone in your life who you talk to about how you feel?


One thing that can help is trying to calm yourself down before things get too much. For example, you mentioned that when your brother does something you don't like, you start to feel annoyed. In this moment, you could try doing a breathing strategy by using the Calm app. It is better to get into the habit of using strategies every day, even if you don't feel stressed or upset. Do you think this is something you'd give a go?


If you ever feel like things are way too much, or if using a strategy doesn't help, there are services that exist like Kids Helpline or eHeadspace. You can give them a call and get support, either via telephone or webchat. A lot of young people find venting to them really helpful and they have other resources and tools to offer too.

Who rated this post