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Hi @Lost_Space_Explorer5 it's nice to hear from you again🙂

I am sorry to hear that you haven't been in the best headspace lately. It is great to see you reaching out to the community for some support. Dealing with disordered eating can be distressing and overwhelming, not to mention emotionally and physically draining. 

You mentioned that this has been your way of coping at the moment. Would you feel comfortable to share a little bit about what it is that you are trying to cope with? 

We did a Weekly Wellbeing that touches on things like disordered eating here, if you're interested in having a read through.

Though it sounds like you have a great support system helping you through this, I thought it might be worth sharing the Butterfly Foundation. They have resources that might be helpful to you. 

And if you are ever wanting to chat with someone, Lifeline are avaliable 24/7. 

Remember that you're not alone in this, the community is here for you. 

Who rated this post