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Thank you for creating this post! Study stress is so real and common among students of all ages. 

I've been insanely busy most of this year so far so I've definitely felt stress. Exams for this semester are done though and I'm feeling happy and proud (and relieved 😂)


This was me after the last exam of the semester haha! 


Happy 2 Broke Girls GIF by CBS


Some study tips: 

  • Put your phone on silent so that you don't get distracted (or better yet just check it in another room for a while) 
  • Use the pomodoro technique. It's really good to keep yourself focused and motivated whilst being able to take short breaks in between study sessions. 
  • Make realistic goals. Realistic is key here! I've made mistakes in the past where I set myself a super unrealistic goal for the day, and when I didn't reach it, I was disappointed and stressed (when there wasn't a need to be!). 
  • Be kind to yourself and notice any early signs of burn out (being tired all day even after having a good sleep, being more easily irritated, struggling more than usual with motivation etc.). Take breaks when you can!

What am I studying and why? 

  • I'm currently in my honours year for psychology. I'm studying it because I have a huge passion for mental health and feel it's extremely important. Every human living on this earth, no matter how rich or poor, race/ethnicity, background, gender etc. has their own internal battles and difficulties or challenges and obstacles that may come their way. It is what makes us human. We feel. We love. We hurt. We care. We stress. I want to be someone who enables everybody, no matter who they are, to feel heard, and to feel like they have at least one person who wants only the best for them, and for them to feel healthy and happy, capable and strong. I think it's what drives me to get through what I quickly realised was a challenging uni course! Real human connection can mean everything and is so special. 

How do I balance study with other activities/responsibilities? 

  • If I'm being honest, I have found this really hard throughout uni. I think nobody really prepares you for what life after high school can sometimes be like. You're not told to do this and that as much, but you have to figure a lot out on your own. Part of that is scheduling each day. I've struggled with perfectionism and feeling like I need to always be studying or working because, in the back of my head, I know there are high standards to reach for what I want to do and you can feel a lot of pressure. Over the years, I've realised the importance of being kinder to myself. After all, I need to practice what I learn and preach! I actually try to schedule in time to just turn my brain off and relax (whether that's to go on a walk, watch a show, go out with friends, call my family, etc.). This way, I ensure I take some time off to look after myself. It can be difficult, but we got this! ❤️ 
Who rated this post