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ReachOut Wellness Challenge

ReachOut Wellness Challenge

Day 3 Generosity


Have you practised the act of generosity before? Or have you witnessed others practising the act of generosity? If you haven't, then today is the day! Many people underestimate the power of giving; thinking that it's only for those who want to do good for others or have the intention to only give back to the community for the sake of an organisation or issue that they are passionate about. In reality, it's not like that at all!


Anyone ,regardless of age, gender identity, family background, income or nationality can give back in the form of kind acts.Something as simple as writing thank you notes to a friend, teacher or family member is a sign of generosity and kindness. The act of kindness is profound and even more so, the effects it has on the people displaying acts of generosity towards others, including themselves.Giving back has proven, throughout the years that it allows people to feel happy!It boosts social interaction that leads on to developing healthy relationships with others which all prove to have a positive effect on both mental and physical health!

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Below, we have provided you with some optional tasks and activities you could perhaps partake😊

  • Writing thank you notes to others
  • Writing heart warming and encouraging notes to teachers, nurses, doctors, hospital patients etc
  • Gifting lunch boxes to firefighters, hospital workers, aged care residents etc
  • Be a friend to a lonely neighbour
  • Knit or crotchet for vulnerable people
  • Donate pet supplies to shelters
  • Donate a book to your local library
  • Buy secondhand
  • Challenge yourself to only write positive comments on social media
  • Hide handmade bookmarks at your local library for people to find and use
  • Leave a generous tip for someone that has gone above and beyond for you 
  • Leave snacks and refreshments for delivery drivers
  • Make handmade cards and deliver them
  • Organise a community clean up
  • Text someone good morning or good night
  • Donate to an organisation that you connect with
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Volunteer at a charity organisation
  • Organise a fundraising activity with friends and family 


                                  Happy Giving!

ps.If you have witnessed some kind acts of have done some kind acts yourself, you're more than welcome to share!😁😊


Who rated this post