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Hi @Liskii06 ! Welcome to the forums!


What your dealing with sounds quite frustrating but you should feel proud about opening up about it! 👍 First, I just wanted to say that there is no time limit for establishing relationships. I am much older than you (not telling you my exact age 😁) and I too have never been in a relationship, not even a date. 


As with what you've described, about feeling like you're having a panic attack when you encounter romantic gestures, has this ever happened in non-romantic scenarios? E.g. when making new friends?


For me, it's helpful to remember that everyone has different boundaries when it comes to romantic situations and it's natural to feel uncomfortable when your personal boundaries are overstepped. Personally, I've also had times where I also froze when someone flirts with me and what I've found helpful was to be honest to the other person about how I felt e.g. saying something along the lines of "sorry about my reaction, I'm just not used to situations like this". Often, the other person is super understanding! Do you feel like this is something that could help? 

Who rated this post