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Hi @Liskii06 I really appreciate this post because I feel like so many people (including myself) can relate to these feelings. It’s so normal to crave emotional intimacy but dating can be a really scary and hard thing to do. I know some people who are in their mid 20s who have never had a relationship despite wanting one so I don’t think you need to stress too much at 18! 

I 1000% relate to having fears of being alone forever!! These thoughts are SO annoying because they make the idea of dating somehow more stressful 😫😫

I find it helpful to try and remind myself that these fears are decades away from possibly coming true. Instead I try and focus on what I can do in the present moment that’ll help ease my anxieties about the future. So for you perhaps that’s working on vulnerability.


I also recommend the imperfects podcast they have some great episodes on dating anxieties and loneliness with a psychologist (plus it’s super funny).


You’re not alone in these feelings or in life 💕💕

Who rated this post