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How's your sleep?

Tired Cat GIF by Abitan


With exams coming up, we may find ourselves struggling to get some shut-eye. It can be particularly frustrating when this is the time where we want to be feeling our best! Maybe you’re a late-night crammer, an oversleeper, staring up at the ceiling or having some very odd dreams 😯


Poor sleep can affect our concentration, learning, memory and mood. It’s not the end of the world to lose a night or two of sleep. But in the long run, adding sleep hygiene into your study routine is an invaluable way to keep yourself feeling and doing great!

What are those moments where you find your sleep being affected by exams or study, for better or worse? Have you found any strategies which help with your sleep? 🤔 We recently ran a Weekly Wellbeing on Getting a Good Night's Sleep and have a bunch of articles on the topic here, but we want to hear your stories too!


Who rated this post