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As someone who finished school a few years ago, I often reflect on those final stages of the school year. I remember year 12 being overwhelming and increasingly pressure, year 11 a pressure to pick subjects that will get me a good result for uni but also what those subjects will do for the rest of my life and along with so many relationship challenges along the way. 

However, there were some amazing positives and here’s my advice for those at school, leaving school or out of school. 

No. 1. Those final few weeks of each semester are always the best and take a moment to enjoy it (some of my best memories are from the last few weeks). 

No. 2. The subject you pick and your results do not define you and never well

No.3. No one journey is the same, there are so many pathways to get what you want 

No.4. Society can tell you one thing but you don’t have to listen, yes it is hard but if you don’t like it or the way it’s done, do it your way 

No. 5. Adjusting to the change of no school can be hard, all of sudden you have no structure and have so much control of your life 

No. 6. It’s not always sunshine’s and rainbows there are hard and overwhelming days 

No. 7. But most importantly YOU GOT THIS!!! No one especially in their 20s have it figured it out


Any school leavers or people have finished school, please share your experience, worries and advice 💛💛




Who rated this post