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This is a great post @Stormy-RO ! Definitely something I wish I had come across when doing my HSC. Here are 3 things I've learnt/ wish I knew earlier as someone who has finished high school and university:


1) Even if you don't get the ATAR you want, it's not the end of the world! There are soooo many different pathways to get to your goal.

  • I have a lot of uni friends who have completed one degree and then transferred/ started another one that was unrelated to their first one. 
  • I also met a lot of mature age students who have had a whole career but decided to return to uni to explore another career option/ passion.

2) Don't forget to take breaks and take care of yourself!

  • Mental health and physical health are strongly linked! I've had instances where I didn't get enough sleep/ exercise/ food and I noticed that I got very grouchy and snappy.
  • I get that it's easy to feel guilty when taking breaks but I've noticed that after even a 10 - 15 min break, my mind is more receptive of the content I'm studying.

3) Don't neglect your social life!

  • Allow yourself to enjoy high school/ uni life! Make new friends, join clubs etc.
  • Having social supports to talk to really helped me to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Good luck everyone with your assessments!! You've got this!! You're almost done!!


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Who rated this post