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Small but awesome achievements!

Hello everyone,

With the year we have had, and with all the hate in the world, I wanted to start this thread to share small but awesome achievements that we have all achieved! I think that this could help us appreciate the smaller things in life when the big things seem like too much to deal with. I'll go first; after four years, I finally topped the year in maths! (yes, I'm a complete nerd Smiley Very Happy)

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

I can run 5:30min per km as of last week. I set this as a goal earlier in the year and totally forgot about it, haha. 

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

Hey @Mars_Elliot, it is so nice to see you using your new account! 

That is such an awesome achievement, I always struggled with Math's but I managed to come runners up in my class one year, and it was the greatest feeling, so I can only imagine how it feels to come 1st in your year! Congratulations Smiley Happy! Would you say Math's is one of your favourite subjects?

As for myself, I scored an awesome job here at RO this year, and I am beyond excited for the future it has opened for me!

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

@Kaylee-RO @Mars_Elliot wow I'm jealous of you Maths experts! And congrats @Kaylee-RO on your new job! I hope you enjoy it!


@hunginc looks like someone has reached their goals Smiley LOL That looks super impressive to me Smiley LOL


I've cleaned and decluttered by room recently so now it's a lot more breathable around here. Small thing but I'm happy about it Smiley Very Happy Let's hope the clutter doesn't come back though lol


Re: Small but awesome achievements!

@Mars_Elliot !


Congratulations on your achievement. I could never imagine myself doing that during Highschool so big props to you. I'm sure you worked really hard and you deserve it! Continue on working hard towards your academics, and best of luck moving forward to the next years of your study. Robot Happy


@Kaylee-RO !

I don't even know how someone can get a Job at RO, but that sounds like an awesome opportunity with lots of connections and experience. Congratulations on being a big part of this community. Robot Very Happy



WOW. That is actually really good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that faster than the average speed for most people? Either way good job on staying active, It been something that I want to get consistent at and seeing people like you meet their goals boosts my motivation. Robot wink



Cleaning your room has got to be one of the best experiences after all the hard work. Congratulations on that achievement, now you can relax in your room and feel safe and comfortable. Robot LOL


As for me, I am currently on a break. I have been really busy juggling my work, a new internship, and helping out with an upcoming wedding, and trying to remain social and active with sports as well. My small but awesome achievement I guess is how productive I've been this past break, as I'm usually someone more relaxed and gets distracted with holiday mode for too long.

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

@Anzelmo I think it is? Haha. Speed and/or strength standards don't appeal to me too much. Being consistent and putting in effort to make progress matters more to me.


What might you do to be more consistent?

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

I finished my 4th year study although I don't know the results yet. I can finally pass through the intrusive thoughts about what if I can't get into masters, maybe I will still feel sad and depressed but I learn to find solutions and another way to fulfil my goal.

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

So nice to hear you're at that space where you can pass those intrusive thoughts, they can be so hard @Macaria It sounds like either way the results go, you've got you're own back - which is the most important thing Heart 

Re: Small but awesome achievements!



I think that's a pretty admirable mindset to have. Work hard for yourself and for your own improvement consistently should be the primary motivator when doing things like that. Keep it up!


For me, I need to keep a good diet consistently as I'm trying to gain weight and muscle, but eating isn't the most fun for me and it can get a lot sometimes as someone who struggled to gain weight. It's also hard since I need to exercise, but don't want to lose more weight that way, so I'm trying to figure out a good balance. 

Re: Small but awesome achievements!

@Anzelmo From personal experience, I find that gaining muscle is a difficult phase of training as you have to train hard and eat hard to recover from such training in order to build muscle. I like to think of diet as "eating to support your training", which is something that has helped me a bit in how I go about eating.


What I just wrote is something that is discussed in this blog by someone who has more credibility than I do, haha.


What might you do to find a balance between training and diet?