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Re: Three positives of today

Also thank god we don’t have to wear masks outside anymore SO GOOD

Re: Three positives of today

Are the underwater photos something that you could share on here? They sound so beautiful @Saltwaterdreamtime Smiley Happy No pressure though haha I can go watch finding nemo if I get real desperate Smiley Tongue


Some positives:

-Somehow my succulent is still moderately alive despite its sunburnt leaf from me neglecting him
-An old school friend wants to meet up during holidays
-I had to do a lot of driving today and I enjoyed 'vibing' to the music in the car (is that what the young people say nowadays, 'vibing'?)

Re: Three positives of today

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  HAHA Finding Nemo 😂 


I could share but as it is his business I don’t feel it would right for me to share his work without crediting and if I credited him it might be a breach of the rules 🤷🏽 I don’t know though, one of cms/other mods might know 

I love when you have a good playlist set up 

Re: Three positives of today

Oh my bad, I don't think you'd be allowed Smiley Sad That's so cool it's professional photography Smiley Surprised




I'm all set here haha Smiley Tongue


Re: Three positives of today

Just saw the most beautiful set of 3 birds at the lake I’m working close to while I was sitting down having lunch does anyone know anything about birds? I am still learning

Re: Three positives of today

Here I am back with my three positives...


1. The sun is shining today which is so nice as it isn’t too hot either 

2. I received my first application/enquiry after I posted a job ad 

3. We are putting up our Christmas tree tonight, we were going to wait until the 1st but we’ve become inundated with online deliveries/presents so might as well wrap them and put them under the tree. 
4. I’m glad that I don’t have to wear a mask while I’m working anymore 

Re: Three positives of today

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 I just saw your screencap of nemo and the bottom of the ocean really does look like that. 

Also, I have to add one more positive, even though I have been really flat lately I meet up again with my mate really early in the morning which we sometimes do, and then we have breaky and a coffee by the water. It was a really nice morning for it today and I took little mate with us as he was up at 5:00 anyway.

It was a nice way to start to start the morning. 


Re: Three positives of today

That is so nice you caught up with your mate today @Saltwaterdreamtime ! Also I don't know anything about birds but my brother is a major bird nerd bless him Heart Were they big birds?

Also super cool that you did a job ad and have got an application! Very exciting.

And @Lost_Space_Explorer5  i say "vibing" ALL the time. Sorry if that makes it not cool! Cat LOL


My three lil poz are:

1. Gonna hang out with some work peeps this afternoon!

2. Lovely weather today.

3. Getting through my huge pile of laundry!

Re: Three positives of today

@Hannah-RO three small ones flying together maybe parrots of some kind.
We were up all night last night and then again at 5am so I wasn’t sure if we’d make it, but we did it. And it was a nice morning for it.

Re: Three positives of today

@Hannah-RO not parrots,I think meant lorikeets...
But they aren’t purple so idk.