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Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

This year has undeniably been a tough one. While many of us have been negatively affected in numerous ways, with our hopes and plans dashed, lately I've been thinking about how unfortunate it is that we haven't been able to travel and explore the world. I have many happy memories of past holidays and I would always look forward to going on a trip, especially around the holiday season. I'd love to see more of this huge world in the future. Smiley Happy


Something I have been doing to cope with this year is thinking about all of the amazing places I'd like to visit once restrictions are eased. Some of them are just simple things I can do nearby, such as going to a museum, visiting a shopping centre, exploring a garden or going to an indoor sports centre. And some of them are really ambitious, such as going on a cruise in Europe or the Caribbean, re-visiting a country I have good memories of, going on overseas tours and checking out world-renowned landmarks. Planning my dream trips has given me something to look forward to despite everything that's happened this year. Smiley Happy

So tell me, what is a dream trip that you'd like to go on in the future? What are some of the reasons you'd like to visit those destinations?
I'd love to hear everyone's ideas and find some inspiration! Remember, it doesn't have to be anything big. Smiley Happy



Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Hi! @WheresMySquishy Smiley Happy

This is my first post as part of the team here at RO, and wow what an awesome topic to dive into! It really has been such a crazy year, full of unexpected! 

Ahh how good are the memories of holidays Smiley Tongue What are some cool holidays that you have been on? 

It sounds like you've got a real drive to get out there and see the world, do you have any goals or plans for when this is all over, and what is the first place you would go? Smiley Happy

I was lucky enough to squeeze a little holiday in during this time, I recently just got back from a road trip to Byron Bay, and was able to stop at different towns along the way! Definitely recommend exploring the coast lines of Australia, they have some beautiful things to offer! 


Holiday GIFs | Tenor


Would love to hear about other trips everyone has been on & where you're next step is to go explore! Exciting times coming into the holidays, sending everyone pure happiness coming into the holiday season Heart

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Hi @Kaylee-RO! Smiley Happy Nice to meet you! The road trip sounds awesome!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Hey @Lost_Space_Explorer5 

It definitely was! So nice to see part of our country Smiley Happy I have wanted to do a road trip for a while, so it was nice getting the opportunity 

Have you got any plans for future holidays or trips you would like to do? 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

I haven't really thought about it much @Kaylee-RO

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Love this @WheresMySquishy !!

What is a dream trip that you'd like to go on in the future?

- I have soo sooo sooooo many but my top 3 are Hawaii, London (been there once and wanna go again), and Greece!!


What are some of the reasons you'd like to visit those destinations?

- Beaches, architecture, culture, meeting new people! Just anything will get me going there!!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Welcome @Kaylee-RO. Smiley Happy
I have lots of good memories of cruises I've been on with my whole family. An interesting place I've been to is the world's steepest street. It was crazy! I also went to Egypt for a month when I was younger. I sat on the steps of the Great Pyramid, but I don't think that you can do that now.
I'd like to revisit some of the places I've gone to before and go on other cruises. I would especially like to see more natural wonders, such as caves and forests. I would also like to go to Japan, Europe and the Americas because I haven't been there. I don't have any plans to travel the world at the moment I'd like to go to certain places in my city that I couldn't go to due to the restrictions.
Byron Bay is amazing! I've seen the lighthouse and there were whales in the water below when we went.

@sunnygirl606  It's so cool that you've been to London! I also want to go there one day. Leadenhall Market is on my list of things to see. I also know people who've been to Hawaii and have recommended it and I also want to go to Greece. Greece has a lot of interesting ancient sites and natural wonders. I especially want to go to Melissani Cave.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

@WheresMySquishy That sounds absolutely awesome! I just looked up the worlds largest street, I have never heard of it, that's extremely interesting Smiley Very Happy

Egypt sounds so beautiful, definitely a place I would love to go to one day! 
It's so nice to hear about all your future goals, you have some amazing countries on your list, I would love to visit Japan as well, I have heard some amazing things about it. 

Hopefully when restrictions ease up it can provide you the opportunity to tick off some of your goals. I can definitely say that I am looking forward to Cruises coming back as well. 

Cruise GIFs | Tenor

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

@WheresMySquishy Such an awesome thread, there are so many beautiful places in the world I wish we could see them all. I'm so jealous you've been to Egypt that's literally my #1 place to visit, I hope I make it there one day. I would also love to go on a tropical holiday to somewhere like the Maldives or a ski trip in Japan, I honestly am not fussy any travel is amazing to me. Oh there are also the places I went when I was a lot younger with my family, I wish I had more memories, from trips like New Zealand when I was 4 years old, so I hope to visit those places again one day too!


@WheresMySquishy @Kaylee-RO @sunnygirl606 those places sound amazing, I just added them to my to visit list hehe Smiley Happy 


@WheresMySquishy where did you go on a cruise?

@sunnygirl606 I've also been to London I loved it one of my favourite places ever, what did you do when you were over there?

@Kaylee-RO my friends are looking into going to Byron Bay, any recommendations? 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

@celestialdreamer it was so long ago that i dont remember much but it was all the classic tourist stuff! Seeing Big Ben, shopping, walking around, eating!