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Re: Would You Rather

@lennycat2017  Image result for harvest pea snaps

Smiley Very Happy They're yum! And also ick salami, I stand by that Smiley Tongue 


Hrm... since the teeth wouldn't be connected to any nerves, fingernail teeth! No wait, teeth fingernails, yeah that's right Smiley Tongue



Would you rather eat pea snaps or potato chips?

Re: Would You Rather

Potato chips, they are one of my ultimate favourite foods! Especially Salt and Vinegar Smiley Very Happy 


Would you rather only be able to eat cake for the rest of your life, or never eat cake again? 


Re: Would You Rather

never eat cake again


would you rather have no legs or no arms?

Re: Would You Rather

No legs! Then I could sit around all day instead of walking Smiley Tongue (and still get to write and draw and stuff!)

Would you rather be a practical thinker or a dreamer?

Re: Would You Rather

a practical thinker! 


Would you rather have 4 eyes or 4 arms? 

Re: Would You Rather

4 arms - imagine how much work I could get done!

Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating?

Re: Would You Rather

AC & heating for sure!


Would you rather only be able to put jam or nutella on your toast forever?

Re: Would You Rather

hmmm, jam because there's heaps of different ones.


Would you rather only be able to wear formal wear or only be able to wear pyjamas? 

Re: Would You Rather

[N] Pyjamas. Not much of a fan of formal wear.


Would rather complete one dab every waking second or only be able to do Fortnite dances?

Re: Would You Rather

I don't dance anyway so fortnite dances! Smiley Very Happy

Would you rather drink only tea or only milkshakes?