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TW: I want to improve my health

I want to lose weight and tone my body. I have a hard time eating healthy, because when I do, I quickly resort back to eating junk food again. I've googled some low carb meals to try and tomorrow I get paid so I plan on going to the shops to buy some ingredients. I am very passionate about netball so I plan to play everyday of the week. 


Any sort of help would be appreciated!

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

Hey @goldilocks, I think it's really important to talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss plan. Just to make sure if you actually need to lose weight, how you can do it healthily if you do, what to watch out for, etc. What do you think?

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

Hi @goldilocks, thank you so much for sharing. One thing that might help is focusing on health as a complete picture rather than what your body looks like. How your body looks is not an indicator of how healthy you are. You could make some goals that are focused on health rather than appearance. For example, how your body feels, what your body is capable of and the potential that it has rather than weight or appearance. I personally love lifting weights and running because I feel really capable, powerful and strong.


The same can be said for healthy eating - how is the food that you are eating making you feel? Are there any particular foods that make you feel really energised? There are some tips about making healthy food choices here. Generally when starting any exercise or diet regime, it is best to chat to your GP to discuss how you might respond to these types of changes. This way you can also discuss setting goals that are realistic, healthy and positive for your well-being. Sometimes we aren't aware of what behaviours are healthy or unhealthy, so it is important to learn more before you start making changes. We have some articles on body image, exercise and eating well, and health at every size. These links have heaps of articles which you can read through including recipes from qualified nutritionists/dietitians.


Just so you know, I also added a trigger warning (TW) to your post as weight can be triggering for some people.

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

@goldilocks it's great to see you are being proactive about your health- cooking and playing sports can be great activities during quarantine. Be sure to be mindful of your body feels too, and don't be afraid to make adjustments Smiley Happy


Re: TW: I want to improve my health

Hey @goldilocks 

I just wanted to check in to see how you are going since you posted this?


@Taylor-RO mentioned some really great suggestions when it comes to eating and exercising in a way that makes you feel good and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this.

Hope you are doing well,

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

Hi @goldilocks 

I know you posted this a few months ago so I wanted to see how you were going. 

I agree with @Taylor-RO that having some positive goals is really important. Instead of "I want to lose weight" you might say "I want to cook 5 healthy meals this week" or "I want to run 5kms." This way, you are celebrating the excellent things to are achieving with your health and fitness, instead of waiting for a number on a scale to go down. 

I also agree with @Lost_Space_Explorer5 suggestion that it might be important to go to a GP. If you just want to live a healthier lifestyle you can definitely do that on your own, but if you are seeking to actively lose weight or start a diest it is best to consult with your GP first so that you don't do anything that puts your health at risk.

I definitely can relate when you say it is hard to eat healthy because it is so easy to go back to junk food and snacks. I have found some great recipes on the BARE Guide website. I have used lots of the free recipes and they have been really delicious and filling. Many of these recipes have been developed with the help of a dietician. You could also reach out to a dietician and make an appointment so they can give you an idea of the best type of food and meals you should be eating, especially to fuel yourself before and after playing sport. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to eating and living healthy so I hope you find something that works for you!

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

I agree that you should first consult with your doctor, get tested and find out what vitamins and supplements can help you. It's very important anyway.

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

Hi @goldilocks, I've heard that caffeine can help you lose weight with workouts, but I don't know how to use it to avoid hurting myself. You can try to create a calorie deficit with food and supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. Pay attention that vitamins must be of high quality, don't have the allergies and GMOs. My sister used this when it was necessary for her to lose weight and don't hurt herself. It contains B12, B6, which is essential for weight loss. But first, of course, you need to consult a doctor, get tested and determine what you need.

Re: TW: I want to improve my health

Hey @goldilocks, the same stuff happens in me as well, once I try to control my eating habits in a harsh way I then go back quickly to eat the junk food. I think the best way is not to give a very strict time to lose weight and make a good eating habit rather than eat in order to lose weight (like makes it become part of your daily life). Also, when you are eating healthy food, you can still occasionally have some junk food (like one burger per week?) rather than keep eating healthy all the time because it mights makes you experience negative emotions if you restrict yourself too much.
Hope you all the best!