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Adventures in Depression

Hey All!


I've been meaning to share this comic for a while since I've come across it.


For a long time I've always had a hard time nailing down what depression felt like for me, other than feeling like I was in a black hole. This is the first thing which I have come across which I have found to reflect what it was like for me, able to express it in a much more elegant and somehow funny way.


What do you guys think?


Sorry if this isn't the right place for the post ><, I wasn't too sure on which sub-forum would be most appropriate.

Re: Adventures in Depression

that is the most amazing comic relating to depression I have ever come across, and knowing that depression is one of our hidden illnesses we face at least once in our lives, I feel that this is an example of the feelings of depression across the board, it also to alot of people explains what they are going through and would be able to relate to something like this so much nowadays.

Depression is known as the silent killer because alot of suffering with depression are able to to hide their illness so people around them are unable to see that we are suffering on the inside, but can hide our emotions and feelings from the outside world.

Something I can identify with depression is you can only relate to what is happening with you at that time, you are living in your own little box unable to see the big picture of your life and things happening around you, alot of people do this to nurture and comfort themselves, and also because they are no longer able to cope with the outside world(being that outside their box).

I dont know if people have felt this but if you notice when your happy your able to see and notice more in the outside world, your able to embrace everything in front of you, but as soon as the sadness shows its face and your back in the depressed state you tend to put yourself back in that little box around you, until your ready to move out again and majority of times in our life time we spend our time going back and forth from the little box to the outside world.

People deal and cope with depression in so many different ways depending on what is right for them or what they are able to manage at that present moment, I found for myself allowing my body to rest although I felt lazy was actually healing,and regenerating energy within myself, so also I may be able to at least do one thing a day if I was up to it, never pushing myself to attempt anymore that I was able to cope with or committing myself to things that may apply more pressure or be overwhelming for me. For myself this worked really well because slowly I was able to take on more and more each day or each week but at the same listening to my body when I needed to rest as well.(very important to listen to your when suffering depression)

So basically take baby steps to your road of recovery, also keep in mind that whilst in this state you are very vunerable so keeping yourself safe, and not making rational decisons at that time is also very important to remember. If you are required to decide on something when your depressed work through your decison as best you can, so you wont regret it at a later stage.

I really that this helps alot of people dealing with depression in their lives, and hopefully helps you able to cope better.

Re: Adventures in Depression

hey @michine i think the post was great so thanks for sharing it. it's a really good visual reprentation of how depression can make you feel.


i also think @Sap0 made some really good comments about feeling lazy but really you're just resting. i think it's so important people give themselves time to heal, and only do what they feel up to or comfortable doing.


recovery takes time.


Re: Adventures in Depression

@lanejane thank you for your comments in regards to my post, to me feeling lazy felt totally different to just resting. When I'm lazy I felt like wanting to push yourself to do something but have the "I cant be bothered" attitude, where as with resting you will put on a movie or sleep and not think about things that you could do or need to do, and are able to at times wipe your mind of things worrying or concerning you.

Rest and relaxation is the best thing for depression allowing your mind, body and soul to heal and reenergise it self 

Re: Adventures in Depression

@Sap0 it's interesting how you describe depression like being in a box and I completely agree! You just become so short sighted, focusing on the things that make you miserable.

Also great advice on resting. I typically find that I'm kicking my self for taking time off and watching a show or movie. Giving yourself is really necessary to recover!

I think the comic is amazing because I think a lot of people are unaware of what depression really is despite having usually experienced it themselves to some degree - so the comic can be a lightbulb moment.

Re: Adventures in Depression

Thanks @michine (and hi!!!!!!!) for posting - it's an awesome comic and it seems like a lot of people can relate! @Sap0, it's great that you are able to conceptualise depression for yourself and figure out what works for you

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