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Favourite Quote?

Hey guys!

I love making & reading quotes! Smiley Very Happy

Here you can share your quotes where I'll be entertained! Smiley Happy

It doesn't have to be your quotes, it can be a quote you found or liked Smiley Happy


Here is a quote I made my self and if you like it, hit me a high five! XD [btw I make a quote website, just notifying you in case you think I am plagrising!] 





Re: Favourite Quote?

I like this quote as it makes you think and reflect Smiley Happy



Stay excellent

Re: Favourite Quote?

My favourite quote is an Alice in wonderland quote its when the mad hatter turns to Alice and says " You've lost your much-ness you used to be a lot more much-ier" as well as when the characters in the story keep calling her almost Alice its when they said she was fully Alice after she said a whole speech on who she was that it came to my realisation.

The moment we try to gain self approval off others we loose ourselves and give away our own unique power to others, the moment we gain our own approval is when we find ourselves and use our own power to push us forward..ive always loved these quotes for that reason the first quote also talks about a loss of child like innocence.

The mad hatter is referring to when Alice was a child when we are children we have a much more beautiful way of looking at the world the eye's of a child see's the world with curious open eye's as we get older....we loose the magic of a child the wonderment that so took a hold of our lives as children...

It inspires me because...I know that no matter how old I get I will always have the unsatiable curiousity of a child or as inspired by peter pan ..I wont ever grow up to the point of losing that...because once its gone...everything becomes so incredibly dull...and I would never want that because a life without a colourless world to me.

Re: Favourite Quote?

Thank you for sharing your quotes! They are awesome - as always! =D


@DizzyDreamer ~ Wow nice quotes! Alot of analysis there! You would be a great english tutor! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Favourite Quote?


Your quote is so true~!

Re: Favourite Quote?

Well thank you for taking the time to read it, and thanks for the english tutor compliment o.o god I feel like such a nerd doe but thats cool to. ^.^

Re: Favourite Quote?

the little prince


This quote can be interpreted in so many different ways, from my favourite book "The Little Prince"

sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is how flowers grow

Re: Favourite Quote?

@jvkn That's a beautiful quote, one of my favourites!
I like that feeling I get when I am with friends who are on the same wavelength, or even a special friend.

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Maybe not the deepest/most intellectual quote, but it does always remind me of the value of thinking outside of the box Smiley Tongue

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