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Re: Talking about anatomy!!

@loves netball definitely a good thing! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

@loves netball definitely a good thing! Possibly one of the bestest things!


I can only remember 6 bones in the wrist. Scaphoid and Metatarsals 1-6 Smiley Tongue I need a little practice! How do you learn them all?

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Metatarsals are in the feet @Ben-RO!!!!! Seriously, I think you need more coffee today Smiley Tongue


Re: Talking about anatomy!!

You have eight carpal bones in the wrist, 5 metacarpal bones in the hand and then bones in the fingers (3 in each finger and two in the thumb) are phalanges. The phalanges are just referred to as proximal, middle and distal. The metarcarpals are just numbered 1-5.


The carpal bones have names - a little saying I was taught first year uni to remember the order... Sally Left The Party To Take Cathy Home... Scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform, trapezuim, trapezoid, hamate.


I'll do the ankle later (it refers to tarsal and metatarsals).

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Oh dear, I HAVE FEET FOR HANDS OH NOOOOO @loves netball


I really am very tired today, maybe i need a nice rest day too! I can do this after Mardi Gras tomorrow!

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Sorry @Ben-RO but I couldn't let you get away with that mistake. I'm actually not that much of a nerd; well if I was I probably never would have got yelled at by parents for not getting dux at school.


BUT I bought another anatomy book for uni Smiley Very Happy

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Excellent, I have an old copy of Gray's Anatomy and that's about it Smiley Tongue


I do have lots of text books on molecular biology, genomics and genetics though, I can name all the organelles in a typical Eukaryotic cell as well as most of the enzymes required for DNA synthesis... but for some reason the bones in the hand is just really hard to remember!!!! Now it's a thing and i have to learn them.

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Okay Im not going to even try to compete with that.....

Exercise is my speciality, not learning enzymes and DNA synthesis @Ben-RO... haven't done suff like that since first year uni, but can talk about nuerons, motor units, and mitcondria in muscle cells.


The books about special tests for muscles and joints

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Oooh that sounds really interesting!


I am currently learning about gymnastic strength training. Do you know anything about it?

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

I know about strength training in general, not specifically for gymnastics. I take you don't mirror train @Ben-RO? By that I mean only train the muscles on the front of your body. At the gym, all a lot of guys do is just bicep curl and bench press. Nothing functional about a bicep curl Smiley Tongue


For general general strength...

-start with learning movement patterns before adding weight. Getting the right muscle requirement, developing motor neuron pathways

-hypertrophy, trying to increase muscle size

-strength, training specifically to increase muscle strength

-power, lower weight but increasing speed of movement - need a good strenth base to do power training with rates


Ever heard of the velocity force curve (I think that's what it's called)?