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The Wrap Up

Well Happy New Years everyone, 2015 was an insane year for me in so many regards. I can at least rest somewhat easy knowing  after a whole year of freaking out, sitting the backyard sobbing and spending school lunches staring at benches with no emotion I at least pulled it off (The atar was horrible though and a VERY average HSC)


I finally decided to quit my job at McDonalds.....I wish I never filled in the application in the first place. It was a gigantic waste of time, I don't feel anymore educated or experienced and it did nothing but depress me and I've been there since 2012 . I went back for 2 shifts in early Dec after a long hiatus from Jan. I decided to transfer to the back cooking area to avoid costumer conversation, I informed them I had never done back area before ( I also transferred to a new store).


So my second night there a HUGE CROWD hits the store, I'm assigned to wash up and get yelled at to help make burgers. I inform the two managers yelling that it's only my second night there and I have no experience. The managers just scoff and go "Well that's just great". I eventually was told to sweep the front porch and whilst standing out there I looked at the cool and calmining night and said to myself "I'm never coming back here, not even as a costumer"


2015 wasn't half bad in places except for the job, sorry for the long description but that entire saga angered me to the point where I had to let it out. I went back the next day to tell them I was done and they just laughed at me, one of them didn't even turn around to look at me.


If you read this, thank you Heart

Re: The Wrap Up

Hey @MemphisBelle, how are you? Congratulations on getting through the year and highschool, it sounded like there were some big ups and downs for you along the way, so well done on persisting!


Sorry to hear about your job, the burgers there aren't too groundbreaking anyways, so don't sweat it.  It sounds like you learnt a bit about what you want/don't want in the future? Any goals for '16?



Re: The Wrap Up

By the way, I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to move this post to the Hanging Out section.  If you do mind please let me know Smiley Happy

Re: The Wrap Up

Hey @MemphisBelle!


Happy New Year! Smiley Very Happy


Like @tsnyder has said, it seems that 2015 had thrown a lot of challenges your way. But hopefully, this year will be better! As for the Maccas curveball, that sounds pretty rough working in an incredibly busy environment and dealing with customers. But I believe that to learn, being chucked in the deep end is one of the best ways to do so. 


What goals do you have for the year? How has today been for you? 

Stay excellent

Re: The Wrap Up

Happy New Year @MemphisBelle!


What a year it's been! Well done on making it through and on to a whole new world of opportunities. Like @tsnyder said, I think you've done an awful lot of learning this year about what you do and don't want. And that's brilliant! It can take a reeeaally long time to work out simple things like whether a job is the right amount of fulfilling and challenging, so you've got a head start on listening to your needs. Yay! Hope 2016 is full of even more exciting learning for you Smiley Happy