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Re: RE: TwittRO

Thanks DD! 

Ironically, I did better in today's exam, which I didn't study for, yet SOR was crap, although I studied for it!! How's that fair?? Smiley Sad

Back to school tomorrow! *groan*

Now I can Relaxxxx!! Smiley Happy


Re: RE: TwittRO

Gosh it's quiet here lately, I'm guessing those evil exams are a cause.


@Cassie: Woah! Exciting! Good-luck, you are absolutely capable of succeeding there. Smiley Very Happy


@Shadow: Congrats! Smiley Happy Maybe you did better because you weren't putting as much pressure on yourself? I know whenever I study a bunch if I don't get a perfect mark I'm disappointed in myself while I'm a bit impressed with myself if I get a pass in something I didn't study for.


@Tp: Hello! I was wondering what had happened to you. Smiley Happy


Birdeye: Hoping the cup isn't discussed a bunch tomorrow, I'm just not a fan of animal cruelty. Otherwise, Wednesdays have become the highlight of my weeks.

Re: RE: TwittRO

@Birdeye wrote:

Gosh it's quiet here lately, I'm guessing those evil exams are a cause.

Ha, Ha! Smiley Tongue

Well, 1st day of round 2 and I've already got a problem: my locker(it was custom made) has disappeared along with my latop, which is incredibly expensive as it's got a large screen and is very light. The chargers aren't universal either, so the other laptop chargers are no use. This is why I use school laptops and not my own!

Someone somewhere must be very happy with my lapto + locker, although the thing weighs a tonne, even with nothing in it as it's solid wood!    

Can't say I've ever had a more exciting 1st day, really! Smiley Happy





Re: RE: TwittRO

Cassie: Went whale watching with my friends today. Was so cool seeing the whales when they jumped out of the water!

Re: RE: TwittRO

I've got more references for my lit review! Smiley Very Happy

The aide freaked out about the project, but I told her to calm down and that I was OK with it. She wasn't impressed- but then she's a nosy bi*ch and gets instructions wrong! Yes, we have to add stuff like Acknowledgements, Appendix ect..., but 2000 words vs 2,500 is a piece of cake, especally considering the teacher is incredibly calm!

Re: RE: TwittRO

Cassie: it's hot! I hate hot weather!

Re: RE: TwittRO

Loki: Has enjoyed having a lazy day at home as for once I don't have anything on. Smiley Happy


Also, to all those who went and fought for our country and didn't come back: lest we forget.

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: RE: TwittRO

Have the day off- yay! Smiley Happy

Re: RE: TwittRO

Hey all! Just wanted to remind you it's your last chance to apply for the cheersquad/youth moderator program!!


Applications are closing today


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Re: RE: TwittRO

Bee: Forgot it was Monday until about 1/2 hour ago and realised I missed the GR sesh! That's what we get when we have a brain trying to remember too many things at once! Eeek. THinking a guided meditation then bed sounds nice. Hope everyone has a good week Smiley Happy

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