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i feel like...

hey guys this is my first time posting and i’m kinda nervous about it, umm so i’m feeling really nervous and scared because i’m meant to hear back from a nursing school that i applied to and my anxiety and things are getting pretty bad, does anyone have tips? 

Re: i feel like...

Hey @lrmeachy good luck with your application! I remember when I was applying for universities and waiting to hear back I was really anxious as well, for me I found the best way to cope was to remind myself that even if I didn't get into my first preference there's always another pathway. As long as you remind yourself of where you want to be you'll always find a way there. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and maybe you could try some grounding exercises such as taking deep breaths, and concentrating on the things around you when you feel especially anxious. I hope this helps Heart

Re: i feel like...

Welcome to ReachOut! 

 It is also scary waiting to hear back from an application but just like what @ameliaj said, there are many pathways to get into the course you want these days and all the options are really great! Maybe you could try some activities that help calm your anxiety such as meditation or going for walk or whatever you find best that helps to calm you down. You've got this and you will do good! Goodluck with your application! Smiley LOL

Re: i feel like...

Hi @lrmeachy! Welcome to the forums!
I don't have any advice, but I really hope you get into the course! I've been rejected from jobs and courses a lot of times and I'm in the process of applying for courses again. I just want to stress not to be too hard on yourself. There can be hundreds of people applying for just a few positions and it can be hard to know what universities are looking for. I know lots of people who have been successful after multiple attempts to get in.

Re: i feel like...

Hey @lrmeachy and welcome to the forums. We are glad to have you.


I totally get what you're going through. Waiting can be so stressful, and I had to do a lot of that with my masters degree. I recommend avoiding any online forums which involve people discussing whether they've heard back or not etc. Try to keep in mind that there are often many rounds of offers, and there's still a chance you can hear back. Also keep in mind that there are many pathways, so if you don't get in there's usually always another pathway you can take to achieve what you wanted. Lastly, when you're feeling really stressed and anxious, doing some deep breathing and mindfulness/meditation exercises can really help. I find some cardio/exercise also helps.


Please keep us updated with how you go!

Re: i feel like...

hey! so everyone's already offered some great advice and i totally agree. just wanted to add--


my anxiety can get pretty bad so i get where ur coming from. not sure if this will help u but it helps me -- what happens will happen and anxiety is mainly just worrying about something that is out of our control. 


over the course of years of studying i've seen people come and go into various courses and even myself, i was once very narrowly set on one goal, but over time, i think everybody has this hit them at one point or another - nobody really know what will happen and it's liberating to just be in the moment. in the grand scheme of life, nothing is worth stressing yourself out too much on. whether you get in or not, your life will be great because it's all about trying again, working hard, trying different paths and accepting opportunities as they come


yoga really helps me so if ur into channeling ur mind into being in the moment, would recommend Smiley Happy