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Re: let's be friends!

Which games and cars ur favorite?

Re: let's be friends!

Hello 5 randomly facts about me 

1) My 2 favourite music genres are metal and country

2) I collect card games from Cards Against Humanity to playing cards 

3) I play the bass guitar 

4) I like to edit videos 

5) I am a huge geek, I love pop culture and go to supernova

Re: let's be friends!

Re: let's be friends!

Pretty good yourself


Re: let's be friends!

Re: let's be friends!

I'm good thanks, how are you @Dyl?
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Re: let's be friends!


I'm pushing my self to have the confidence to post this 


Things about me

One: August is my birthday month, turning 21! 

Two: I live in Perth 

Three: I love Taylor Swift 

Four: my personality type is a INJF

Five: I love reading 

Six: I just took a buzzfead quiz that guesses which one of the seven dwarfs you are and apparently I'm sneezy

Seven: I just finished watching Trinkets on netflix

Thanks for reading 

Re: let's be friends!

Welcome to the forums @Dandelion13! I love Buzzfeed quizzes, Taylor Swift and reading too.

If I remember correctly, my Myers-Brigg personality type is ISFJ. I'm not sure if I really believe in it, but it was a fun quiz to take!

Happy birthday for this month! Smiley Happy

Re: let's be friends!

Hi @Dandelion13, welcome to the forums!


I found my first post here terrifying, I spent like two hours just re-reading what I wrote...

It gets easier though, especially as you get to know people more.


Happy birthday for this month! Do you have anything fun planned?


I can't remember my personality type from that test, I'm not even 100% sure I've taken it..

I'm introverted and very weird though, if that gives you some idea. Smiley Tongue

I don't have a favorite singer, but my favorite band is called Cold Weather Company.