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Re: in need of advice about school problems :(

im not too sure how to do it tho cause it gets pretty awks and I feel like he would appreciate it if I didnt talk to him and stuff so he doesn't get bullied even more 

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

thank you for the advice but im not too comfortable with my parents and they dont care much about my mental health so I dont think they would understand whats happening :/

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

the rumours are about this thing I did to a boy. I asked him out to formal and then told him it was a joke cause everyone started questioning why I asked him out in the first place but then I realised later I caught feelings for him :/ so I stuffed it up and now everyone is bullying him about being a p*ssy for being rejected and ive been getting a lot of shit for it!


yes I turned 16 a few weeks ago. I was considering doing something like that but i dont want my parents finding out cause my mum is a gp aswell...


ive tried telling them I feel uncomfortable with going to the school councillor but they would insist on me trying to go but I always chicken out Smiley Sad


naw thank you so much for replying and giving me all sorts of advice <3

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

my school isn't as bad as most schools as in there isn't serious bullying mostly just banter. so in my other forum about 'advice on school problems', I basically asked this boy out to formal and then told me it was a joke cause I freaked out and now everyone is talking bs about me and bullying him and I felt so bad to the point that I got anxiety attacks and felt sick whenever I came to school or saw him. my family life isn't as great either; im not comfortable talking to anyone with my inner thoughts and feelings as im not as close to them as most are :/

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

thank you so much for giving me these links!! ill try and read up on them and see what happens!!

im feeling pressured to not like someone

so basically, long story short, I asked this guy out to formal and I chickened out and told him it was a joke and he got rlly pissed and sad about it. cause of this the whole grade found out and for like two weeks people kept bullying him (kinda banter?) and talking bs about me for 'dogging' him. and just a few days ago I realised I like him and that the reason I probably asked him out for it cause I liked him. but the problem is, is that he hates me a lot cause I made a fool out of him and cause of that he ignores me and we dont talk at all and its rlly awks. but I wanna get to know him better so I told a few of my friends that kinda talk to him that I like him. but they have been so unsupportive about it, saying that im out of his league and that hes rlly annoying and weird and I shouldn't be 'liking' him. but the thing is I like him cause hes funny and weird and I feel like they dont support me for 'liking' him and so they said they would help me out :/ like usually they are supportive and stuff but they said that they would support anyone other than him...should I just stop liking him cause my friends are saying its a bad idea and the fact that he hates me? 

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

Hi @ruthxxx, I just wanted to introduce myself and say that we really love having you apart of ReachOut. I noticed that you are making quite a few new threads that are all related to the same situation/topic. We try to discourage users from making multiple posts about the same topic as it can be quite confusing. We have community guidelines here which might be helpful for you to have a read through. I have combined all your threads here about school, formal and friendships. Instead of creating a new thread each time you post, you can click 'reply' or 'quick reply' under the current post. You received quite a lot of support on this thread so this is why I chose this thread. Let us know if you have any issues Heart I wrote this message to let you and the community know so that everyone is aware.

What makes you think your parents don't care about your mental health? It can be a pretty difficult topic to talk about so I can understand how that would be making you feel quite uncomfortable. When it comes to getting support, it can seem daunting and scary. You don't have to feel pressured to go to the counsellor if you really don't want to.. but sometimes we will never feel 'ready' as it can be normal for new situations to cause us to worry and feel uncomfortable. Let us know if you find any of the links about self-harm helpful Smiley Happy We have a lot of resources available here at ReachOut. It is also really great that you already talk to Beyond Blue. Have you ever talked to them about seeing the school counsellor?

In regards to the situation with the formal, unfortunately, we can't tell you what to do. It sounds like you are in a bit of a pickle. Sometimes you can't help who you like.. but it is really up to you and not your friends. You should do what you think is best and what you feel is going to make you happy. Have you thought about talking to this guy? It could really help clear the situation up and let him know that you did not mean to hurt his feelings. It can definitely be something that is nerve racking Heart

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

thank you for sorting that out, Im new this whole reach out forum thing sorry!


my parents dont take much interest into my life other than school and marks! they havnt rlly asked me questions about my mental state before so its a bit of a awkward situation. I have talked to beyond blue about the situation and they recommended me to see the school councillor its just that im a bit uncomfortable and uneasy to do that at the moment. 


I have talked to this guy and ive explained the whole situation to him. in the beginning he said he was pissed and upset and then said its ok and he forgives me. but people still bully both of us, mostly him and ik he probably still dislikes me and im not too sure how to mend our relationship as I want to be in good terms with him again. ive tried telling him that I feel bad and that he doesn't deserve it and he just kept ignoring those messages. 

Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

Hi @ruthxxx,


Reading back over your recent posts, I can see quite a few community members have given some ideas for alternatives for seeking help, and some ideas about how to approach the situation with the boy at your school- it's been great to see how many community members have your back here Heart


What I am hearing is that this boy from your grade might be feeling a bit embarrassed and has taken a step back, is that right? Prior to this situation, did you have a good friendship or were you close?


It can be really hard when you are working to repair a situation and the other person isn't ready to meet you halfway. I am wondering if he may be taking some space to get some perspective too? It is great to hear that he has forgiven you, and taking some space might be his way of working through his feelings and thoughts about the situation. Sometimes letting someone know that you are ready to listen and work through the situation when they are ready can be helpful. What are your thoughts?


I really admire your determination to make this right Heart It takes a lot of courage to admit when something we have been involved in has impacted another, and to apologise. I am hoping you are both able to find a way forward Heart 


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Re: 2019 is my worst year by far

yes im honestly so grateful for everyone who replied to this as I didnt know it would reach out as much. I think he is embarrassed cause all his friends started 'bullying' him saying that he was stupid to believe such a thing cause all his friends were telling him before that it could be fake. we weren't close but we would talk whenever we were together cause of mutual friends. 


im just really conflicted with myself and I feel like such a b*tch for what I did and for the first week or so after I told him it was a joke, I felt like crying and I honestly tried to avoid going to school cause I felt so sick out of guilt. I told my friends about this but they just told me it would die out soon and it would be fine cause I told him the truth. but the truth is, is that whenever I see him now I feel bad for what I did and I feel like such a nuisance and my self esteem have lowered so much now