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Conflict in myself

Hey all, it's been a while since I've been on here. As of recently, I've been going though change and business associated with year 12. However, I have been looking at myself as a fat, arrogant and self centered person. I feel like I'm going insane with me attempting to get away with pinching money off my parents for my own bad habits, expecting different results but always getting the same, further pushing me to the edge of doing some really severe actions to myself along with not trying to improve myself. I just want some tips on good ways to improve on myself, This is more of a hidden chronicle and the only way I'm getting things out. 

Re: Conflict in myself

Hey @Jeplar, thank you for reaching out! I'm sorry that you aren't satisfied with where you are at in your life at the moment. When you say you are interested in improving yourself, are there any specific areas you'd like to focus on? Obviously eliminating those bad habits you mentioned is one point of emphasis, but do you have any goals? What would you like to achieve? What kind of person would you like to be? 

Re: Conflict in myself

Hey @Jeplar, thanks for posting! Reaching out for some help is always a good first step to change. Heart

First of all, I'd like to stress that year 12 is a really tough time, possibly for everyone. I think it's a time where all your insecurities are put under the microscope, so to speak, as you're just finishing off high school and are preparing to be thrown into the big 'adult' world. Personally, year 12 was one of the hardest years for my mental health as I was confused about how to deal with life outside of high school. Please know you're not alone in this.

Like @queenP suggested, setting goals (small at first, then progressively larger) and having a clear mental picture in your mind of the person you'd like to be could really help. Also, I was wondering if you were seeing a mental health professional at this time? Talking it out with someone could really help to sort through some of your worries, as well as assist you in setting the appropriate goals.

Re: Conflict in myself

Hey @Jeplar just checking in to see how things are going? it's been a few days since we've heard from you. 


Talk soon x