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Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Are you okay tonight @Tiny_leaf ?

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK not really..

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

I had a feeling @Tiny_leaf . Something in the back of my mind was telling me I should ask you cause you asked if I was still awake. 


Did you wanna talk about anything? I'm here for you too. <3 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK thank you.

And I don't really know.. I had a terrible appointment with a bad psychologist earlier and it's probably why I'm feeling like this but I don't know.

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf gah - that sounds awful. Was it someone new or someone you've seen before? I'm sorry to hear that it went bad though Smiley Sad if it is going to trigger you, probably best not to talk about it. But if you need to get stuff off your chest I'm all ears. 


I do apologise if I disappear though cause that means I've fallen asleep. I'm playing a game on my phone though so I'll be awake for a little while. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK I went to her a while ago to get a proper diagnosis (after being badly misdiagnosed then self diagnosed) and have been stuck with her ever since.


And no need to apologise, I know how messed up my sleeping patterns are... 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf That sounds awfully frustrating. I'm really sorry that happenned. Do you find it helpful seeing them at all? 


I recently started seeing a new psychologist over the past few weeks. He is nice but has a very different approach to my previous psych. My last one kind of actively helped me to figure out what the heck I am doing with my life and we would map out plans and problem solve. With my new psych we have started doing CBT but not really much has been happening.  I don't know why I expect things to be different but it does help a little bit talking to him. I haven't been telling him about stuff I probably should though - like the SH and suicidal feelings. Smiley Sad I'm seeing him on Friday. Not sure how it will go. 


When do you see yours again?

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK no.. the only good thing I can say about her is that she's not actually negligent like my last one.. but honestly my appointments with her are probably causing harm.. I need to find a way to get out of seeing her. My next appointment's in a fortnight.


I have an appointment with my school psychologist on Friday though, she's really nice and lets me see her even though I barely go to school anymore. 

I didn't tell her about my suicidal thoughts or self harm at first.. she was able to help me a lot more once she found out though.

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf It's probably not a good idea to stop attending the sessions. But if they are not helping right now - perhaps something else could help as an outlet? Your person at school sounds like she's lovely. I'm glad she was able to help you. Can you still see her sometimes?


There is a nurse at headspace who I'm not supposed to make appointments with cause she's a nurse and not a counselor or psych. But for some reason I feel safe around her and I can tell her almost anything. I'm seeing her this week to ask about health stuff and get advice cause I've been unwell - but the truth is it is mostly for moral support and I miss her so much. I know she can help me. At least I hope she can. I feel like when I can't see her that I'm being abandoned and no one cares - it's weird and I know it's not true. It's just the psych I'm seeing atm doesn't truly understand me. 


I have this work training thing that I am supposed to go to tomorrow. I don't know if I'm going to make it :/ 


Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK I'd normally agree with you but I genuinely have to spend the next couple of days after her appointments recovering from them..

I'm going to meet a new psychiatrist soon though, and I have weekly appointments with my school psychologist who spends part of our appointments helping me get through the issues caused by the first one..


And I kinda know what you mean.. there are things I'd only been able to admit to my best friend that I ended up spilling to this one nurse at the hospital. I still don't know why, but she felt trustworthy and I wasn't afraid of her. Nurses are just too good sometimes..

Are you able to maybe organize something with her on a temporary basis? Like as a support until you figure out the psychologist stuff?