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Depression - seeking the right help

I'm wondering if anyone has seen a psychologist for depression and anxiety and what methods they used during therapy.  


I've been seeing a psych for a little while now but I'm not a fan of how things are going. So far I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and we've just been working on mindfulness and my thoughts. Is this CBT?  What other ways are there?



On another note I'd like to express:

I'm feeling so low these days, it's hard to find the motivation to get out of bed let alone do anything. I can't concentrate and I can't get in touch with the pain that's causing all this. It's been like 6 months and I haven't been happy. I used to be an addict and still coping with the destruction I caused. It's shameful though right now I'm looking for something to make me feel good, comfort food or alcohol - I'm not reaching for these things but it's hard when I can't deal! It's really hard to be positive right now. 

Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Hi @Kristy21, welcome to ReachOut. I did see a psychologist for help with depression when I was 17. I'm not exactly sure what methods he used, I just know that we talked a lot and he had me write some letters to people in my life. I think we tried hypnotherapy too, but that didn't work for me. There is a rundown of basic types of therapy here, that you might find useful. You sound really self-aware, and if you know that your current therapy isn't helping you to get in touch with your pain then it's worth telling your psych. They may be able to change techniques, or let you know if this is part of the process they use. You can also change therapists if you're not connecting with your current one. We don't always click with the first, second or even third professional we see and that's perfectly ok.


What sort of healthy techniques or activities do you turn to when you want to feel comforted? We'd love to help you make a list of things you could try! In fact, we've started one here.

Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Hey @Kristy21,


Congratulations on quitting your addiction! That's fantastic. How long have you been sober?

I'm sorry to hear that your struggling with some other symptoms though, and that you have cravings for food and alcohol. 

You mentioned you are still dealing with the "destruction you caused", how are you going with re-building these things (emotionally, physically, in relationships etc...)?


I have seen a clinical psychologist for the past 5 years and have reduced my therapy to just a few sessions a year to keep me on the straight and narrow! Smiley Happy I also work in a reputable clinical psychology practise. Mindfulness is a branch of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and has been shown to be very effective in reducing symptoms, and the liklihood of relapse when practised consistently. It's considered relaitively "new" in psychology although the idea of mindfullness and meditation was around in the late 60's and 70's- we just have the technology to support our research claims now. 


CBT is a little bit different, but is considered "The Godfather" of evidence based psychological therapy, aside from other therapies such as psychotherapy. CBT is like an huge umbrella which has lots of little therapies and strategies underneath it. You shouldn't have to ask your psychologist for a certain therapy, as they will often use many approaches at the same time to maximise your results. They use this idea because every person has a different story, and what one person responds well to, another person doesn't.


Anyway, I'm really passionate about this stuff which is why I've written so much- sorry! Hope this helps. As @ElleBelle mentioned, if you don't connect with a psych after about 3 sessions, you could try another practitioner, but sometimes it takes a few sessions to begin to trust and connect with your practitioner.




Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Hey thanks! About 6 weeks - so not that long sober.


It seriously wasn't until the new year that I finally saw it as a huge problem before that it was always a solution to the problem -depression and anxiety. I'd felt trapped and been so angry and upset for a long time but really I'd just been trapped in a cycle, going round and round in circles. It's not a solution, it's a problem within itself. 


I just feel like I should be more ahead in life, my problem has really held me back. Relationships with my family were damaged and they are repairing Smiley Happy I'm enrolled at university this year, I pretty much have to start again and that sucks because 4 years ago I was a really good student.   As far as a job and finances go - I really made a mess for myself there!  I had a few opportunities come my way but my mental health is holding me back!  


I want to find new friends and make a successful career for myself - manage my life properly! But I feel like I wont be accepted by people once they know my past and the past isn't behind me yet. 


Plus I wake up everyday wishing I didn't have to get out of bed and feeling really low about myself. My fav part of the day is going to bed which is a sure sign I'm not happy. It's hard to think through this fog. Than I feel even worse I should be doing more to get me where I need to be and I just can't get it together properly.


However, I have never had a good support system and that is changing for me. I could never ask for help and I could never talk about my feelings to others and that is slowly changing.  


Thanks for the info, I think I do need to look into getting another psychologist, it's just frustrating having to start over again. 



Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Fresh starts aren't so bad @Kristy21, I've always liked being able to draw a line in the sand. It sounds really promising that you're starting to build your support network and you have set goals for both your mental health and professional life. These things don't happen overnight, but you're moving forward so I hope you can be kind to yourself and be proud of the steps you've already made.


How did you find the mindfulness techniques your current psychologist suggested? Lots of us here are big fans of mindfulness, and I'm keen to hear if they work for you at all.

Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Thanks, I do need to remind myself to be kind and that it's a process. 


I am a fan of f mindfulness, I've been practicing that for over 3 years and it has helped me discover who I am, feelings and I've become more aware of the feelings that were driving my addiction. I'm just not in the habit of practicing meditation and mindfulness on a regular basis. 

Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Not many of us are @Kristy21 Smiley Happy But like any change you're trying to incorporate, the more you do it the easier it becomes. What is your favourite mindfulness technique to practice?

Re: Depression - seeking the right help

@Kristy21 I think the fact that you have been able to find ways to discover more about your feelings and be more aware of your feelings is fantastic! I know for me personally this is something I have always struggled with and like you I think whilst I have made progress through using meditation and mindfullness, I'm not in the habit of practicing on a regular basis. 


It can be hard to find time, but i recently found a really awesome diary in Kmart that has a section to break up my day and set tasks which has helped!


Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Hey thanks for the replies!  I have a Lorna Jane diary that my friend gave to me for Christmas it also allows you to break up your day and each month it has a page to set goals and your action plan for achieving them as well.  It also has healthy recipes and motivational quotes. Sorry to brag - my diary is better than yours (jokes) lol haha.   I'm making jokes I must be in a better mood!


About Mindfulness. I usually just practice trying to feel and see what thoughts come up with a certain feeling or just trying to catch a few thoughts and questioning why I think like that.  I also try and keep a journal. I find writing to be quite helpful. 


It's still very tough to get out of bed, something in me is always frightened. Anxiety.  I wake up thinking the worst about myself. Once I push through it and start achieving things during the day I feel better but the fear is still there. I'm avoiding alot at the moment too but I continue to improve. 

Re: Depression - seeking the right help

@Kristy21 that Lorna Jane Diary sounds great! Sometimes a smaller thing like that can make a huge difference hey. It's definitely better than my diary/planner, which at the moment is an old scrappy notebook and post its stuck all over my desk. Smiley Indifferent


I'm glad to see you've got some solid mindfulness techniques that have been working for you. I find writing helpful too. I don't always write about what going on with me, sometimes I write some fiction or some goals - but it always helps. 


You should be really proud of yourself for pushing through and making achievements on those days where you're having a tough morning. That takes a lot of strength. I'm so happy to see that you're continuing to improve and are recognising that! Believing in your capabilities and knowing you're on the right track is a great way to continue motivating yourself. Smiley Happy