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Its like falling down,

But never landing,

At times you may catch a branch,

But in the end, you still fall,

Depression is like craving sleep,

But being terrified to awake,

For the second your eyes open,

You are back on the battlefield,

Most of all though?

Depression is like drowning,

But everyone around you is breathing.

I kind of had to think of this one on the spot so sorry if its not that great.

it was suggested to me that i start a poetry thread, seeing as it is something that i enjoy.

Although i am not great, i hope you enjoy and i would appreciate if anyone wants to post their own poems in the comments. I have also written others that i would be happy to share, but some of the ones that i am most proud of are fairly dark.

Re: Depression??

You just came up with that @Maez? Wow, you have an incredible talent! We'd love to see more of your poetry if you feel comfortable sharing them. Dark is ok, as long as it's not against our community guidelines and you get something positive out of sharing them. How does writing usually make you feel?

Re: Depression??

@ElleBelleThankyou, I usually write when i am overwhelmed or need to vent. in my case it is usually a good alternative to self harm. I dont think that this is against the guidlines, but if it is, you are welcome to take it down.


I was standing on the shore and as I looked out onto the vast, blue ocean,
I wondered,
Should I lay above its gentle flow?
Let the current take me where I can no longer touch the ground,
And no one can hear me scream?


This is probably one of my less dark ones.

Re: Depression??


Re: Depression??

You definitely have a powerful way of employing words @Maez. It's great that this is an outlet for you, and offers an alternative to self harm. Do you share your poetry with many people? (Aside from us here on ReachOut!)

Re: Depression??

@ElleBelle Thankyou, once again. I do enjoy writing and share some of my pieces with a few close friends but anything on the darker side that has themes of depression, self harm etc, i generally keep to myself. There have been a few pieces that i have shared with one close friend, but other than that, I am pretty much the only person who sees them.

Re: Depression??

Awesome poem @Maez Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading a few more if you want to share? Smiley Happy 


Re: Depression??

Thanks for sharing such an incredible poem @Maez! I know it can be a bit nerve racking showing people something personal like that, but I definitely think that it could help some other users on RO who might be feeling a similar way.


Any time you feel like sharing another you've written, I'd be keen to read it Smiley Happy 

Re: Depression??

@Ben-RO @moonwalk Thankyou so much for your support, it can be nerve racking, but knowing that there are people who like what i write really helps. i will definetely post more, although most of what i post will either be improvised, sugar coated or still a work in progress. Thankyou once again.