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Done living..

Im not getting any better Smiley Sad it doesnt matter what i do anymore :/ drug use and self harm is everything to me but what sort of life is that.. Ive started having panic attacks when i try to talk to a professional about how i feel and i just cant do it anymore. ive tried relaxtion methods and they didnt help. i dont know what to do anymore..

Re: Done living..

People are going to tell you all sorts of things as advice but if you find a goal something to work towards things wont seem so bad.....try to relieve your panic attacks through creative methods e.g. reading...drawing it will help numb the panic attacks because these are usually calming, dont self harm its just a dilusional method to numb out the pain of the real world ...though u think it will help in the end it will only make you worse the real world doesnt disapear because you block it out be brave and face your problems head on..... channel your negative emotions into something positive...u have to have the will to survive...all life is prescious regardless of where it comes from somone once told me that we were all given one life regardless of gender, culture, belief, instead of giving up beat the odds and make something of it instead...that's all i got hope it helps...

Re: Done living..

thankyou :/

Re: Done living..

your welcome..

Re: Done living..

Hey @guitarista 


When you say you are done living and things are not getting any better, I can hear just how much the will to end your life is but you are here asking for help, trying and that shows that there is some part of you that wants to find a way to live a good life. 


You are so strong and even though self harm is everything to you NOW it doesnt mean that it will always be the case. Everything takes one step at a time and some days will be better and some will feel the way you do now or worse. Is there anything that helps when you feel this way?


I know you feel anxiety talking to professionals but does it help to talk online or on the phone at all? also maybe you could write down who your support network is like family member or a good friend that you can talk to when you feel particularly bad? 


Take care, we are here for you 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Done living..

@guitarista that sounds horrible. Life can be tough, but you can make it through.

I agree with @LovelessBoii. You need to find other coping methods. Drug use and self-harm can create more problems. I know, it's hard to fight the urges. I too, used to self-harm. I realised there were other methods of expressing my emotions. You need to find what works for you. Have you tried talking to a professional about other coping strategies.

While I don't have panic disorder. When I'm highly stressed out, I can have panic attacks, it doesn't happen often, I know it can be uncomfortable. I suggest you go somewhere relaxing. Maybe fresh air will help. Try deep breathing. Maybe have some water, gently wash your face. Think about something peaceful, like if its a beautiful day, embrace it. I suggest you talk to a professional about it. Maybe you need to find other relaxation methods.

Re: Done living..

Hey @guitarista I just wanted to leave you the number for Lifeline - 13 11 14. Sometimes it's a bit easier to share with a professional over the phone, and they have counsellors available 24 hours a day so you can call up any time you're feeling down and anxious and get someone to talk you through it. Do you think you would be into that?

Re: Done living..

Sorry to hear things are so tough @guitarista.

Just to expand on what ElleBelle said, Lifeline, eheadspace and Kids Help Line all have web chat/IM options. Would you perhaps find it easier to speak with a professional in texy form as a starting point? It can be a slightly less scary way to talk about what's going on if you struggle to talk about things out loud.

Re: Done living..

Hi sweetie, you have received some good advice from people who are trying to help you. Well done to all the girls, and you get a big hug from me for talking and letting 'out' your feelings and for having the courage to tell us a little about your struggles. Now, I'm going to give you one more bit of advice - if you find that you still cannot cope... Have you considered talking to your doctor about getting yourself admitted in a clinic where you will be given the help you need. I might sound harsh or it might seem confronting to you but, that is a real option for you. There is no shame, or embarrassment. You need interventional help. Please think about it. I do have a background in healthcare so I talk from experience. Sometimes nice words, well wishes just don't cut it. It's really upto you in terms of how badly you want to get better. Best wishesSmiley Happy