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I recently added my ex back on facebook and been talking to her. I'm not sure its been the wisest idea.  Cause A not moved on a lot since 4 months ago and she already has moved on. B she suggested do i wanna know by arctic monkeys as a song i should listen to and how its her "life story". C i haven't been feeling the best about myself and yeah im pretty sure my bad reputation is because of her so i can't tell her anything abut myself really. I don't know what to do. 

Re: Exes

Hey @ideasman15 


It can be really hard to have conflicting emotions about an ex, especially when you have to watch them live their lives on Facebook.  What do you think about deleting her? Would that make you feel better about yourself?

Here's some tips on coping with a break up and here's some on building resilience. 

Have you got someone in your life thaat you like to talk about this stuff with? Have you given KHL a go?


Re: Exes

@ideasman15  sounds like a bit of a tough one! So as you said you feel like  you're still not quite over your ex yet and she seems to be moving on.. I guess a good question to ask might be what are you getting out of keeping in contact with her? Does it make you feel better having her there or worse?I I suggest taking the whole thing really slow, maybe keep your distance until you start feeling better about the situation...


Let us know how you go.


Re: Exes

I agree with chelsb on this one

It might help to think about the benefits of having her as a friend and then the negative things coming out of it too

Which one outweighs the other? Is this going to help you move on and be in a good place?

Re: Exes

Hey @ideasman15

Having an ex back in your life can really cause some confusion especially when you haven't moved on.

I think if you want to work on yourself and move on from her then you know what you need to do. Do you feel like talking to her helps your well being? Because if it doesn't then you might need to re-assess.
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