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Feel like i'm dying all the time & Anxiety

HI Everyone


I have developed severe Generalised anxiety and Health/illness anxiety. I am constantly anxious all day everyday and I constantly feel as if Im dying of a health issue, this issues switches between blood clots in my neck (most common) Heart attacks, Pulmonary Embolisms, various cancers, strokes, brain aneurysms, rare bacteria and viral infections and illnesses, internal bleeding, meningitis, phenomena etc. I have chest pain/discomfort and a tightness and throbbing in my neck, weird feeling almost like its a nerve thing in my head practically everyday and its really worrying. I am constantly anxious all the time and worried about the fact that im dying or could be dying in the future even if I have no physical symptoms and its getting worse. I am having what I think are panic attacks regularly ranging from the start of a panic attack (mild) to me going into my Mum & step dads room at ridiculous hours crying, panicking presenting with a variety of concerning physical symptoms that are indicative of heart attacks, strokes, meningitis etc. and begging them to help me, to call a doctor or take me to the ER. Its stupid because logically I know that nothing is probably wrong with me and that its probably anxiety or something like a muscle ache but its the fact that there is always a chance (however small it may be) that i'm right and that something might actually be seriously wrong and requires medical attention is really distressing but my parents wont take me seriously. I will often go to the doctor with my symptoms and they will dismiss me in a subtle way and say its fine or nothing etc and they wont take me seriously because i'm 17 and anxious, I just want the doctors to take me seriously and to do some tests to check my health and then if the results are clear I can (hopefully) put my mind at ease so that way I know its almost certain my symptoms are anxiety or stress induced. Im also scared to go to sleep in case I die in my sleep as there are a few medical conditions that can cause you to just die in your sleep without warning and this is really terrifying because I don't have any control over it. I have been to the GP and given a mental health care plan and have been refereed to headspace which is good but I have just been told that I wont get my first session for 2-3 months and I don't think I can cope that long with the anxiety and I also have to worry about yr 12 and im doing academic subjects. I feel like im losing it and im not coping. 

Re: Feel like i'm dying all the time & Anxiety

Hey @Alec29 I am so sorry to hear about what you've been going through at the moment, these thoughts of illness and sickness constantly must be exhausting huh? Sounds as though they really can feel like they begin to compound too, like once you start swimming up that stream it's hard to drift back downstream again to the calmness.


You mentioned you are not coping, are you still regularly seeing a professional around this. I would also like to ask are you into meditation at all? Depending on where you are meditation classes are generally very cheap and can be exceptional for ebbing anxiety and thoughts of hypochondria. @j95 also does yoga and he has mentioned this has helped him quite a lot in the past. That's a lot of info for now we don't want to overwhelm you.


How are you feeling at the moment?

Re: Feel like i'm dying all the time & Anxiety

Hello @Alec29,

Sounds like you are having a really tough time. I totally understanding how overwhelming anxiety can be, and its great you have spoken to your GP about the Mental Health Plan. That is a very good step forward Smiley Happy 


I can't believe it will take that long for an appointment! Perhaps calling a helpline might get you through the tough times, until you get your appointment. I think that calling the Kid's Helpline at 1800 55 1800 might be a good starting point. There will always be someone on the other end that will pick up and you can talk to them about what you are going through and your feelings.


In terms of your GP dismissing your symptoms, perhaps its an idea to go to a different GP. I get check ups quite frequently, and every year I have a big check up with blood tests and what not. And like you said it does put the mind at ease a bit. So maybe give that a go, if possible. 


Again, I am so sorry you are having a tough time. Just know that we are always here for a chat! 

Re: Feel like i'm dying all the time & Anxiety

Hi @Bree-RO Im not currently seeing a professional besides my Gp and will be seeing the people at headspace in a few months, I was on medication for my anxiety for a week but then i stopped because i felt even more anxious and I had side effects so I stopped but im going to try and see her again to try more meds while i wait for my appointment, I hate taking them because I have health anxiety so meds and side effects aren't good for my anxiety. I ave tried meditation before and sometimes it works others it doesnt I have been doing meditation/mindfullness apps on my phone in the last week though. 


Currently im not doing well im very scared and panicky and am crying, I have a slight swelling of the neck and my mum is trying to reassure me its just a muscle thing like a tight or over worked muscle but i cant get the thought of it being a blood clot out of my head and I want to go the ER to have a scan done or at least a GP for reassurance but she wont take me. My anxiety is getting worse its always really bad at 9:30 (because thats when I go to bed) and 11:00pm and after (this is when my parents go to bed) this is because im alone and its harder to get help and if i call out for help they wont here me and if for some reason I cant get up and get them im afraid ill die. if im aroun people and I have a stroke, heart attack etc. its easier to get help if there are people around. 

Re: Feel like i'm dying all the time & Anxiety

@Alec29 How'd you go getting through last night? Anxiety tends to have a mind of its own and can make us feel awful even if we know it's irrational Smiley Sad

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Re: Feel like i'm dying all the time & Anxiety

It sounds like you have a lot of worries at the moment regarding your health. Are you aware of the Health Direct hotline at all? You can call them on 1800 022 222, it might just be helpful to talk to a medical professional when you are having those periods of extreme worry about your health. 


How are you going today? 

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