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Feeling jealous and lonely

So recently I went to a party with my friend who attracted two guys who were all over her at the party, shes also flirting with a different guy at the moment who shes close friends with and has started talking to a guy I was messaging and they really get along, she also keeps sending me screenshots and showing how crazy it is how quickly they started getting along and for some reason its been really annoying me, and I get thats its definitely probably jealousy. For ages I’ve been wanting to find a guy that I really click with and we can be in a relationship with and while I didn’t see the guy I was talking to ever being my boyfriend, it still kinda annoys me that she manages to click with him so quick when we were talking first. It just feels like no one whos my type or who thinks I’m attractive, ever wants to either act on it or even exists. I guess ushually I wouldn’t care but lately I just feel like no one cares about me, even my friends who have since the end of highschool gone off their separate lives and while saying they would love to catch up, either cancel plans or are “just too busy but after the next couple weeks my schedule will be free so we can hang anytime then!” When that never happens because their lives are always “busy” like that, even after the couple of weeks. Which I understand, I just wish they would ask to hang out with me for once rather than only me put the effort in. And if I really meant anything to them you would think they would make time, but I guess that just shows I’m not worth the time. I know a lot of this post is arrogance but I just wanted to get it off my chest because I don’t have many friends to talk to at the moment and even if I did it sounds way to arrogant to say to anyone.

Re: Feeling jealous and lonely

Hi @anonymousgirl101, this sounds tough, and I can relate to much of what you have posted. I don’t think you sound arrogant at all, it can get very frustrating when friends are always busy!


I have had friends tell me that they’re too busy more times than I can count, and I’ve also struggled with loneliness. It really hurts sometimes, and one thing that I think is really important is to keep reminding yourself that you’re a good friend and you’re trying your best.


I’m probably one of the last people you want to give you advice about relationships, but I will say that it might take time, but when someone comes into your life who completely ‘clicks’ with you and accepts you for who you are, then it’s totally worth the wait. That might be hard to accept sometimes, but just remember that you’re worth it.


Sending you lots of hugs. ❤️

Re: Feeling jealous and lonely

Hey @anonymousgirl101, those sound like some intense and painful feelings Smiley Sad Being lonely can be really difficult, and I totally understand feeling jealous of others who seem to click with others much more easily. You don't sound arrogant at all; these are things that a lot of people feel and struggle with and it's totally normal to feel jealous and upset by being left out. 


Would it be an option to tell one of your friends how you feel? Perhaps you could say something like, 'I've been really missing you lately. Can we make a solid plan to catch up in the next couple of weeks?' 


Perhaps one of RO's articles on loneliness could be helpful for you - Heart