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I found out I have a possibility of Diabetes

I feel the worst I could ever feel, I've really hit rock bottom. 
I went to do a general check up (I hadn't done one in years) because I kept getting extremely thirsty and the doctor told me. I just felt numb I sat there agreeing, nodding, I don't think I heard much of what he said. My mother was with me (which im thankful for) I really could have fell apart and I did later but she was calm and supportive. I feel absolutely disgusting, because I did this to myself. Between the stress of Uni, Family Life and trying to find a job. I'd skip meals over eat later and binge on junk food to make up for the endless hours of stress which meant high sugar levels. Food became a reward, a distraction, something to do when I was bored because I spent all day working on Uni assignments at home or going to school. I have no life so it became a substitute for my inability to hang out with friends or exercise, because of my sedentary life style it severally affected my health. I've always been big, I hated that I could never walk into a store and try on clothes that wasn't XXL.   It made me nervous to sit in crowded spaces. I hated my body and now I have the possibility of Diabetes and it's the worst thing I've ever heard. My mother is kind she keeps trying to make me feel better by comparing it to Asthma but I feel like a  freak. I will find out later (from my tests I just did) if my blood sugar levels are lower when I haven't ate anything. (The first blood test was done when I did eat something) I don't even know if its reversible. Haha...I'm scared. Thank you for listening I just wanted to talk to someone and not have to be positive or look on the bright side I just wanted to write to someone and be sad and allow myself to be sad. Can I please have...some nice words of encouragement, I just really need them.
This week has been shit.  

Re: I found out I have a possibility of Diabetes

Hi @YunoGasai.

That sounds horrible, especially if you weren't expecting it as a possibility.

I'm wishing you the best.

If you're at all interested in diabetes support/ information websites I can look some up for you.

It's your choice though, all of this is probably fairly overwhelming already, so I completely understand if you don't want to or if you need more time to process this.

I'm sorry about your terrible your week has been, and I hope next week will be better for you.

Re: I found out I have a possibility of Diabetes

Hey @YunoGasai.
That must be really hard to hear. I can give some kind words, but I haven't been in your situation before. As I haven't been to uni, and I'm not as old as you, but I can still be here for you...
I can tell you now, I have low blood pressure, and anemia, but that doesn't compare to possible diabetes.
I just want to say,
You have been so helpful to other users, and that you aren't alone. We all feel like shit, at some point. And sometimes, we want to go to sleep, and never wake up, life feels so bad. But we are all here to listen to you, and we will help you through this.

Excuse my poor french ability... I don't normally swear, but this is important... Smiley Happy
Sorry if I broke the guidelines too... Smiley Happy

How are you today?

Re: I found out I have a possibility of Diabetes

Hey there @YunoGasai


How have you been today? It's absolutely okay to let yourself be sad, finding out that you might have diabetes can be a shock and although people want you to be positive, it's okay to allow yourself the time to be sad about it. 


It's great that your mother is being really supportive, do you think you'd feel comfortable telling her your negative feelings towards all this? 


I don't have the best understanding of diabetes, so your doctor will be the best person to give you more information about what you can do in the future. There is also a diabetes forums where you can ask questions and chat with people who have more experience if you'd like to. What do you think? 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: I found out I have a possibility of Diabetes

Hi @YunoGasai, having health problems really stinks. Smiley Sad I have had chronic illnesses and it was really tough realising that they would be chronic rather than something temporary. I really hate having one particular problem right now because it can take up a lot of my time to manage and if I don't do anything about it, it can cause permanent damage, which already happened before I was diagnosed. I also cannot have surgery to help my other conditions because it will make this particular problem worse. My doctor hopes that I will 'grow out of it' but I don't think I will. Smiley Indifferent

Going through the testing process can be really tough as well. It helps if you have a reassuring doctor. It also helped me to realise that unless the test results are definite, there is a possibility of not having that particular condition. When I was 12, I remember receiving a pathology report and it said: 'Possible diagnosis: Leukemia' on it. That was pretty crazy but I tried to keep a positive attitude. It ended up not being cancer after all and I got much better, although I still have symptoms from time to time. I think it's a good idea to try and stay positive until you know the outcome of the tests.

I know lots of people who have had diabetes. The good news is, it can be controlled and sometimes reversed. The people I know lead normal lives. It is possible to enjoy life even with a chronic illness, especially if it is well managed. There are lots of good self-help books and e-books about this. Your doctor might be able to provide you with some resources too.

Also, if you do end up having diabetes, there could be other factors that contributed to it rather than just your weight. There could be a genetic predisposition to it, for example. Someone in my family knows two brothers. The bigger brother never developed diabetes, but the other brother who was not as big did. Weight is only one factor involved in diabetes and it doesn't account for all cases.

I hope that you can feel better soon, no matter what the outcome is. Heart

Re: I found out I have a possibility of Diabetes

wishing you health and all the best! stay strong and manage your eating habits! It's not a bad life, it's just a bad day, remember it, you can manage everything. When you start administering some drugs, I'd advise you to check Drugwatcher as it contains every newly-appeared and not only drug, which may be dangerous. If you don't want to have the side effects of any drug you're taking, check it first there. Pretty useful source for people who are consuming strong meds, however hope that you'll make it without any drugs!