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Intrusive thoughts, again.

Hey people,

I just wanted to write up something about how I'm feeling and was wondering if I could talk to y'all about it too. Just getting it out there, is pretty helpful in my opinion. I've just had a pretty tough Sunday today, where I've just had a lot of anxiety floating around with my school life, personal life and so many other things just popping up. It's just been stressful, and on top of that. I've just been going through some rough patches with my mental health, especially in regards to my intrusive thoughts. I've been getting help for them for the past few months and I'm really grateful that I've been getting that help. But it's just tough sometimes in between the wait till your next session or till someone you trust can talk to you.  Because you can't always have the people who help you there all the time. it's impossible and isn't healthy for the other person. 

I was just hoping to see if anyone else understands or gets how I feel sometimes? Just a bit overwhelmed but after posting this, will probably ease my mind a bit more getting it out there. Smiley Very Happy

Thank you,

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

Hey @ApplesRoses I'm really happy you got this off your chest. As you said, getting it out there is helpful in itself. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling with intrusive thoughts..they are truly such a hard thing to deal with. For so long I didn't even know there was a term for that experience. It's so exhausting, it's amazing how tired it can make you just thinking so much. 


I find that these things usually flare up when life in general is more stressful than usual. It kinda sounds like that could be the case for you, since you have things happening for you at school and in your personal life. Do you think so too? 


You probably know this but when life is weighing on you, it's so important to amp up the self care. Even if it means taking some time out that you usually wouldn't, to do something that makes you feel relaxed/happy. What kinds of things make you feel uplifted? 

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

@ApplesRoses  Hey, sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I can definitely empathise with struggling with intrusive thoughts, as I previously had a lot of trouble with them. I've dealt with a lot of anxiety and rumination, and it was really difficult at times, however after seeking help I'm feeling a lot better. So I hope your support is working well. I also find that just talking about it to someone helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety and discomfort, and it seems to take some of the power out of those thoughts. I actually made a post about anxiety and intrusive thoughts a while ago, its called 'OCD is a b*tch'. Here's a link. Hopefully it works! 

We discussed a lot on there so maybe it can help you a bit.

School can be a hard experience sometimes, or a lot of the time for some, but what ever is troubling you I hope you can recognise that school is only a small chapter of your life in the large scheme of things, and there is so much more to life after it ends. 

I know that having intrusive thoughts can make people feel conflicted, distressed and alone, but you have all of us here on RO to talk and vent to. I am always open to discuss it more if you would like. 

Hope you are feeling okay atm. =)

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.


Just wondering how you're going so far this week? Did making a post give you some reprieve from the thoughts at all?

The thread that @indieinsanus linked to is a great resource - would recommend checking it out if you're feeling alone with all of this Heart
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Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

@indieinsanus @lokifish @Bre-RO 

Hey y'all, 

Hope you're doing good. Since the last post that I've made, I've just been on a period of time trying to get through them. Reading y'alls messages, helped me. I've just been going through a really rough patch, currently my thoughts have just been making me feel like I can't trust myself and I can't trust the people that I love. These thoughts have just been so scary, and it's just mainly been me spiralling. I've had intrusive thoughts since I was 12 and I've never really gotten help for them until I was 14 and I'm currently 15. 

I just sometimes feel so so alone during this, and I just wish it could already be the day I have my appointment with a counsellor. But then again, I'm just worried that what I'll talk about will change things drastically. I could just be overthinking things but it's just a thought at the back of my head. @indieinsanus  Thank you for sending that thread, I'm currently having a read through. And it's helpful. 

Thank you,

I really appreciate all the help <3

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

@ApplesRoses Its good to hear that the OCD thread helped you a bit. Please don't be hesitant to tell your counselor everything you're feeling and thinking when you're ready; just try not to withhold saying some of your intrusive thoughts because you fear that they might be too intense or anything like that. It's best to be honest, and don't worry that your thoughts are 'unusual' or 'wrong' or something like that. It's wonderful that you are getting help and I hope everything works out well.

I hope you are feeling okay. 

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

Hello @ApplesRoses , I am glad to hear that the support you have received from other users has helped you Heart. I am sorry to hear about the thoughts that you have been having, they sound like quite scary thoughts to have. You mentioned that you have been going through a rough patch, can I ask if you are feeling safe right now?

It sounds like you have been getting some support around the thoughts you have been having. Hopefully you have found the support from your counsellor to be helpful! It's terrible to hear that you feel alone because of this. Do you have anyone else that you can talk to about the way you are feeling? Heart

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

@Sophia-RO @indieinsanus 

Hey y'all,

thanks for replying. I've just been trying to take care of myself right now. I feel safe, it's just that my intrusive thoughts make me feel really alone. I'm just going with the flow right now, I've just been trying to take care of myself. My next appointment isn't until next Thursday, and the thoughts currently are at bay. But they've just been leaving me feeling stressed. But I'm just waiting for next thursday. But I've just been surrounding myself with a support system at home (online friends and family) and at school (my teacher) but I don't really feel comfortable to talk about it with them. I might talk to someone outside of my counsellor but apart from my counsellor. I don't really feel like talking about it, I've told my sibling in the past about the same intrusive thought that I'm currently having. And they were the one that suggested I start going to sessions with a professional. So they're kind of aware of the thought I'm currently having. 

I'm just trying to chill out right now. And accept that it's a stressful thought, and it'll just be there for now. But hopefully I can talk to my counsellor next week about it. If things get worse, at least my sibling already has an idea about the thought from prior experiences and I can just talk to them if I don't feel much better by next week. 

Thanks once again means a lot to have your support,
ApplesRoses <3

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

Hii @ApplesRoses , I'm sorry that the intrusive thoughts are getting to you again, but we're really glad to hear that you've had the initiative to take care of yourself and are continuing on with getting the help you deserve Smiley Happy It's also great to hear that you have a supportive sibling who you trust and can talk to if things are still difficult for you by next week.

How are you feeling right now?  It's good to hear that you're trying to chill out and accept that those thoughts are there temporarily. I hope that things go well for you now and in the future! Please do keep us updated on how you are! ~ Smiley Very Happy

Re: Intrusive thoughts, again.

Hii @ApplesRoses ! I'd just like to check in and see how you've been doing recently! Were you able to go to your appointment on the Thursday and did you talk with your counsellor about the intrusive thoughts you were experiencing again?

Wishing you the best! Heart ~