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My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives


My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives, he sexually assaulted my oldest sister and my brother. And really hurt my aunts, his  hurt my family so much that my brother won't even except me and all my father's brothers and sisters hate me. I've never done shit to any of them. Except for being born. I hate myself for being born at all, loving him and living with him for 16 years.

Re: My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives

Hi @Firebird6 , 


I'm so deeply sorry that you've experienced that in your family, it must be incredibly hurtful to also have your father's family upset with you. I'm glad you were able to come here and talk about what is happening for you - I'm just going to send you an email shortly, so keep an eye out for that. 


I did also want to let you know about some amazing support services for people who've experienced sexual abuse and sexual assault, do you mind if I ask if you or your siblings have had any professional support at all? 


Bravehearts are an organisation who specialise in providing support to survivors and people who've been affected by child sexual assault. You can find out more about them here, and you can also call them on 1800 272 831


1800 Respect  also provide 24/7 counselling and support for people who've experienced sexual, domestic or family violence - they have services over the phone and also over webchat. 


Both services give really specialised and compassionate counselling and support, and I'd definitely urge you to give them a call if you feel comfortable. 


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Re: My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives

Hi @Firebird6! Welcome to the forums!
I'm really sorry that your father did that. Smiley Sad I really don't know what to say. That must have been a massive thing for your family to go through, and I can imagine that you and your family would still be trying to cope with the consequences and aftermath. It makes me really sad that your brother and father's side of the family won't accept you. You are not to blame for what your father did and you are not him. It's not right that you're being treated this way.
I just wanted to ask how you were doing today. Have you seen any professionals about this? Heart

Re: My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives

Hi @Firebird6, I'm sorry that your father did this... honestly, it's a really tough situation for both you and your other family members. I feel really sorry for your sisters and brothers, but at the same that, I'm clear with the fact that you are innocent. You did nothing wrong and they should not blame you because of your father. And please don't blame yourself at all, it's not your fault and it's okay to love him because he is your father and he treated you nice. It's also true that he did something very wrong Smiley Sad, but people have different sides, they can be good for you, but bad for others (hug).

Re: My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives

HI @Firebird6 , I'm so sorry you and your family went through that Smiley Sad And I'm incredibly saddened by the fact that your family won't accept you. Please don't feel as though any of this is your fault, you don't deserve to be treated this way. Thank you for reaching out to us on this platform, we're here for you if you want more support or need to talk more HeartHeartHeart

Re: My father sexually assaulted some of my relatives

Hey I just wanted to check in with you since it's been a few weeks since your post. I'm really sorry to hear that. It sounds like a tricky situation to be in, to see someone you once viewed as a father figure who is supposed to be loving and safe, to then be revealed to be doing such things. I hope that you don't take things too harshly on yourself as none of this is your fault. 


Is there anyone (maybe a friend or teacher or somebody in your community) that you can talk to about this? It may be helpful for you to talk things out with someone and get things off your chest and to maybe process some emotions? As someone who has a father who has sexually assaulted someone in the family, I can relate to the conflicting and hard feelings you may have. It's tricky and it's a position that no child or person should ever be put in. Please take care of yourself, you deserve that.