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Need to talk to someone

I have so much to do and not enough independence or support to do it.

I need someone to talk to but I can't get the words out.

I feel trapped and alone and it doesn't help that I literally am stuck in the house without any other people.

Re: Need to talk to someone

Hey @Tiny_leaf 

We're here to listen if you want to talk Heart 

I'm sorry you're feeling so stuck and trapped, that must be so awful. I'm really feeling for you, @Tiny_leaf . Have you been up to much today? Here for you Heart

Re: Need to talk to someone

I'm sorry you're feeling so trapped and isolated right now @Tiny_leaf Smiley Sad It really sucks when we need help but can't get the words out..

Re: Need to talk to someone

Hi @Tiny_leaf I really understand that feeling your going through - please know that we are here to listen when you feel ready Heart 

Re: Need to talk to someone

Sorry to hear about how you have been feeling lately @Tiny_leaf . It sounds like things are really difficult.


It really does suck when we are wanting help but aren't sure how to ask for it @Lost_Space_Explorer5. How are you feeling tonight? Are you feeling like you are needing some more help?

Re: Need to talk to someone

I've sprained my ankle Smiley Sad 

I've mostly just been avoiding the things I need to do because I need help to do them and no one has time to help me.

I want to feel like I'm safe. I'm not in any danger right now it just feels like it. 

Not even sure if it's a trauma thing or an anxiety thing. I'm guessing it's a bit of both honestly.

Re: Need to talk to someone

That sounds really awful @Tiny_leaf. Have you been able to get some help to help your ankle heal? Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too safe right now. What kind of activities or strategies could you try that would help you feel a bit safer today?

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Tiny_leaf, I'm sorry to hear that you have sprained your ankle and are feeling unsupported. Have you found any strategies to do things you want as of yet, are you on crutches? Do you have anything that may make you feel a little safer like weighted blankets or a safe space?

Re: Need to talk to someone

Um, well for the past like.. year or two I've been re-doing my room and sometimes it feels slightly safer in there.

I'm not on crutches though I do have a cane that I use anyway because of hypermobility (Which is probably why my ankle was able to roll so far)

Limping on my ankle has messed with all my other joints now so I'm in a lot more pain.

Since it's the weekend dad's been able to help me do some stuff.

Re: Need to talk to someone

I hate the way resource about mental illnesses and eating issues seems to be written.

Like none of them seem to have useful advice they just talk about how bad it is and that just stresses me out more.

I know I'm too sensitive about this but honestly if I wasn't it probably wouldn't be a problem in the first place.